Sunday, 23 November 2014

CLIF Bar Energising Me!

I am not sure if it’s the change of weather but I am always feeling pretty tired, I do not wake up with a spring in my step but instead want to stay tucked up warm under the duvet hibernating!  During the day I have the occasional slump when I tend to reach for the caffeine to give me a much-needed boost, but even then its quite short lived.  So I was only too happy to review CLIF Bar from Healthy Food Brands and see if they could top up my energy levels!

Taking the boys from one activity to the next, doing relief work in the school canteen, keeping up with my blog deadlines and doing some “token” housework leaves me feeling exhausted by the weekend.  The boys want to adventure and explore after a week stuck in school so I cannot stay in bed recovering!  We like to go on long walks and get plenty of fresh air.

The boys do not need any extra energy but they still wanted to taste the CLIF Bar flavours.  We cut them up into pieces so everyone could sample a bit of each one.  There are six flavours in total and they do sound delicious.  Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Blueberry Crisp, Chocolate Almond Fudge and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.  We all had our own particular favourite by the end of the tasting session.

I really enjoyed the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut one.  It was very tasty but also quite a nutritious snack.  The ideal size to take on those hikes up a mountain or just to stop yourself falling asleep at your computer mid afternoon!  Each bar is packed with vitamins so you really do keep going (a bit like the Duracell bunny!).  At £1.60 a bar they might sound more expensive than your regular snack but these offer so much more.  The organic oats are very filling, so your less likely to want to reach for something else immediately after and it’s a slower release of energy so hopefully no more sneaky naps half way through the day!

The only one we did not all get to share was the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut hubbie wolfed this down all by himself before we had a look in!!!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cherry Tree Farm Review

I was quite pleased to be sent a selection of Cherry Tree Farm packed cooked meat products.  They arrived in time for half term so it was useful having some quick and convenient sandwich fillers to feed my boys who are ALWAYS complaining they are hungry!  The range is quite comprehensive and flavoursome so hubbie was equally happy to join in the tasting sessions.  He had his eye on the Tikka Chicken Chunks most of all!

There are seven products all together, Hickory Smoked Turkey, Roast Chicken Breast, Roast Chicken Chunks, Roast Turkey Breast, Wafer Thin American Fried Chicken, Wafer Thin Turkey Ham and of course the Tikka Chicken Chunks I already mentioned.  The diversity brings a lot of scope to creating different and interesting meals, so you’re less inclined to be uninspired come dinnertime!

Being ready sliced and ready cooked your children do not have to wait long to have a delicious meal.  If I am honest I am not very talented in the kitchen so packs like these are especially handy to add to wraps, sandwiches and jacket potatoes to bring a bit of variety to our meals.

The products are very versatile and a great component for lots of tasty meals.  The company have come up with some useful recipe suggestions that are ready in 7 short minutes!  Parents are always time poor, juggling a million different things so having to commit less time to cooking frees up more quality time as a family.  When your children come home from school you can talk about there day knowing you can rustle up something to eat very quickly when the I’m hungry complaints start in earnest…

I like that they are an affordable option to feed your family the packs vary from £1 to £2 each.  It normally can be very expensive keeping your children topped up with snacks and meals, but Cherry Tree Farm have really helped come up with a suitably priced solution with these products.

You can find these products nationwide at Co-op.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas on a shoestring

I do not have a huge family to buy for at Christmas but I do like to give my boys a nice Christmas.  I like them to have a lovely selection of presents to open on Christmas morning.  Their gasps of amazement as their eyes are drawn to the big pile in front of them.  The only thing is this year having bought a new house; we have focused lots of our finances on that renovation project!  Even now it’s a long way off finishing.  The tricky thing with big present piles is when they suddenly appear a lot less; the boys might wonder what they have done to upset Santa!

So I am trying to pad up the present pile with a few bargains using any money saving codes I can find.  It’s amazing what a difference you can make if you use every discount/promotional code going.  Sites like Net Voucher Codes are ideal as you can quickly see where you can make some savings and focus your gift buying in that direction!  It’s somewhere you do need to keep checking back regularly as offers are always changing and some are quite short lived.

At the moment there is a very limited offer of 20% off at the Disney Store when you spend £50 or more (check the exclusions before placing your order).  The Disney Store promo expires on Sunday so if your children love everything Disney then you will have to stock up quick!  20% is a considerable saving so I have picked out a few bits I know my boys will love!

The cute Sulley plush will be popular with Monster Inc fans, £20 currently so you can make a £4.00 saving at the moment.  I always like to include a soft toy on top of their stocking; it’s become something of a family tradition and Sulley is adorable, he looks so fluffy!

My youngest is into action play!  He is very lively and full of beans; he is also becoming a bigger Marvel fan as he gets older.  So for him the Avengers Bow & Arrows (£15.00 but less with the offer!) would be perfect and I am glad it only has foam arrows so no one gets hurt…

He would also like the Captain America shield (£25.00 so only £20) that fires foam discs, he has the fancy dress outfit already and a shield but just an ordinary shield not one with this exciting addition!  It’s living the superhero dream with toys like this.

All the battling might wear him out in time for bed!  I can live in hope.