Saturday, 25 October 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I was so happy to be sent a box of Christmas decorations from The Christmas Boutique.  It fits in well with our Christmas tradition; we always like to buy a new decoration for the tree every year and this delivery had plenty of choice for us to continue doing that!

It can be tricky coming up with another original idea to decorate the tree but how adorable are the felt penguins (RRP £9.99).  I am getting excited to bring out the Christmas tree and make the most of these fabulous offerings from The Christmas Boutique.  Although I think hubbie would grumble at me if I did it too early…

Until then we improvised with the next best thing and eldest had to pretend to be the tree so we could decorate him with the gorgeous white snowflakes (RRP £12.99) and the Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decorations (RRP £7.99).

They really create quite an impact, I think The Christmas Boutique are about having a stylish but memorable time.  If your expecting company over the holiday season and want your decorations to capture the attention of your guests you cannot go wrong  here.  I have spotted lots more items I would love to own, so hubbie better prepare himself for one of my shopping spree’s!

With us having a bigger house we have more scope to decorate.  The boys want to start a new tradition of having their own Christmas tree in their playroom and decorating it themselves. Luckily with so many lovely decorations available at The Christmas Boutique you can readily replenish Christmas cheer in one easy to make order.

Another great aspect of the tree decorations is they are big enough to create a freestanding display; the boys had great fun setting up the felt penguins with the wooden snow sleighs and ski's.  

This year will be the first year we try a real tree and I know that the decorations from The Christmas Boutique will really compliment the feel of a homely Christmas this year.

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Saucy Fish Co. Celebration

We had a very exciting delivery from The Saucy Fish Co. to celebrate their CoolBrand status for the second year in a row.  The CoolBrands list is compiled from the opinions of a range of experts and consumers with only the best brands getting voted in!  So I completely get why The Saucy Fish Co. is included now I have sampled their amazing products.  They share their position with an impressive choice of fashion and technology brands.

The delightful hamper was jam packed with The Saucy Fish Co. products and a whole load of other goodies to compliment our lovely fish dinners!  

I think I will be making a beeline for The Saucy Fish Co. section at our local supermarket from now on because they make fish so much more appealing.  The accompanying sauces taste delicious, a great fusion of flavours, which would get even the most reluctant of fish eaters to be encouraged to try!

The tuna is now a firm favourite of ours, hubbie and I liked it so much we were reluctant to share with the boys.  But they were well catered for with the tempting salmon and fishcakes so I do not feel too guilty.    It’s great to be including more fish in our diet; hubbie is not normally always so keen.  But he has been converted having sampled The Saucy Fish Co. products first hand and savoured every mouthful of his dinners.

Fish is much more nourishing than red meat, which we rather naughtily tend to eat a lot of at the moment.  I am happy to introduce more fish into our lives and cut back on all the increased cholesterol and saturated fat in red meat.  I want to make healthier choices to benefit the whole family and The Saucy Fish Co. make it simple with their easy to cook fish.  It is recommended you eat fish at least twice a week but that is easy with the sheer choice The Saucy Fish Co. offers.  The Salmon especially is ideal being high in omega-3 fatty acids and my boys actually enjoy it!

As we had so much food I shared some with my parents, my dad was very impressed with the Squid, King Prawn and Chorizo with a Sherry and Herb Sauce particularly.  This new product is so convenient, its surprising having such a pleasant meal cooked in an oven packed reflective bag ready to eat in 11 minutes!  It’s also nice having none of the hassle (or mess!) of preparing seafood.

I think that the portion sizes are good for the price you pay and the quality is impressive.  I like the simple and to the point packaging and the included flavoursome sauces.  I think The Saucy Fish Co. will remain in the CoolBrands list for the foreseeable future; their fresh and appetising fish deserves its place!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

GoGlow The Monster Buster

Children like reassurance at night and I find a night-light really helps.  With it being Halloween this month some children might need more comfort than usual as it’s all about the monsters and spooks round about now!  So I was quite pleased to be sent the Turtles GoGlow Night Bright Light (£19.99) to help banish those fears and let my youngest sleep more contentedly in October and the months ahead.

Evenings are drawing in, it’s darker for longer so it’s easy for their imaginations to get the better of them.  But youngest has actually been keen for darkness to come so he can try out his lovely new night light from GoGlow.  He even packed it on his sleepover to his grandparents, he was eager to show them, its exciting having a night light that can also double as a torch! 

It is a useful feature having the ability to convert it into a torch if your child needs to get up in the night and go to the toilet they can safely see the way.  Also if they want to feel consoled in the night they can point the torch around the room and see it’s perfectly safe with nothing to worry about and hopefully go back to sleep nicely.

When placed on its little stand it returns to being a night-light, the light after two minutes begins to fade.  I like this idea if it continued to be bright your child might not settle, but they drift off as the glow ebbs.  It's great it comes with a rechargeable battery, so you will never panic about batteries running out leaving your little ones minus their comforting light.

GoGlow conducted a survey to learn more about children’s nighttime habits.  Of the 1,000 parents surveyed seven in ten parents need their parents to walk around the room to prove there is nothing to concern them and three quarters of children get out of bed to be soothed by their parents.  My two seem to do this quite regularly so I am hoping the Turtles night light will make all the difference.  So far it’s worked well and hubbie and I are finally getting some undisturbed sleep!

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