Tuesday, 29 July 2014

#StressFreeHoliday Our Experience and Competition

Well I have stumbled through week one of the summer holidays; we have been to the circus, a fair, had friends over and had the paddling pool out as much as possible.  The boys both had early morning swimming lessons for the first week those finished on Friday, it was a good start to the day as it got us up and out earlier and it was lovely seeing them making progress.  Gym club continues for youngest one day a week so it’s nice to still have something organised he can go to regularly and see his friends.

But overall yes the summer holidays are stressful and mainly very expensive.  My boys badger for this, that and everything!  A trip outside the house is an onslaught of requests for “things” or “snacks”.  So it was fabulous to keep them home one day to get through a wonderful package from stressfreeprint.  

They must have heard me rocking in a corner and thought I needed back up!  Fortunately the contents of the delivery did aid me in creating a #StressFreeHoliday.  I have lots of ideas from the book to get crafting, the boys are looking forward to their ice lollies setting and we have planted the seeds.  They can also give it a go at playing action photographers with the disposable camera.

I know full well we have to hang on and treasure every moment with our children as they grow up so quickly!  But at the same time I hold my hand up and admit it can be hard, my two like fighting so structured activities that focus their minds help considerably.  I also know that if our veggies actually grow the boys will be immensely proud because they did that!  

My dad even came to help the other day; he was my knight in shining armour trying to distract the boys from their one-upmanship competitions and petty squabbles.  I love my boys but gosh it can be tough being at home all the time.  So I think stressfreeprint are my new best friends for giving me the entertainment they needed to stop wrestling for an afternoon!

If you would like to win the exact same kit to enjoy with your children and hopefully get some peace in the process then please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 20th of August.

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The Pet Show 2014: The Ideal Family Day Out

I am thrilled we are going to see what The Pet Show 2014 is all about at the weekend.  I was looking at activities in Warwickshire and stumbled upon the website.  It sounds like fabulous entertainment for all the family; my boys love animals so the schedule of events sounds just right up their street.  Tickets work out very reasonable depending on the age of your children.  My two boys are in the 7 and under category so can actually get in for free, so if you have little ones with you now might be the time to take them and make the most of that excellent offer.

If your at a loss what to do on the 2nd and 3rd of August you can not go far wrong looking at The Pet Show 2014 website, you will soon be drawn in like we were.  The pictures caught my interest straight away; the boys had a giggle at the Lamb National picture with the funny soft toy horses riding on the backs of sheep and were then keen to hear everything else there was to do.  That took a fair while because the event is crammed with wonderful things.

I am looking forward to introducing the boys to lots of different animals, although I am not sure I am brave enough to handle a tarantula, but I will let you know how I get on after the weekend. There are also a number of activities your child can try out like horse riding, agility training and candle making.

I really think we will have our work cut out trying to cram as much as possible into our day, because I think the boys will want to make the most of their visit and see every display and nose round lots of stalls.  I have a feeling we will be one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave...

A taster of what you can expect to see

Ferret Racing - watching which will navigate the series of tunnels and challenges first!

Duck Herding Display - watch the talented collies keep their feathered friends in line around the tricky obstacle course

Dancing Horses - the riders look extremely skilled working closely with the horse to ensure a beautiful performance

A day out like no other!  I am so glad I spotted it in the nick of time.  I think this time I will join the boys in counting down the sleeps till the weekend...

Monday, 28 July 2014

Win a £40 Voucher for allfancydress.com

This is a useful competition for the holiday as children love dressing up and getting into character.  My boys do not bring out their fancy dress clothes as much as they used too, but there was a time when they were always putting some combination or another on and them parading around or heading off on an adventure together. 

It is great fun seeing what they come up, especially as they tended not to wear one complete costume but rather bits from a few together (think cowboy hat, Super Mario gloves, a police jacket and train conductor trousers and you have some idea of their chosen “style”!).

The voucher would give you plenty of choice, allfancydress.com stock a wide range of outfits with plenty to appeal to all ages.  It always helps to have a few in standby ready to pull out for World Book Day or similar, I am not the kind of mum that can glimpse at some material and magically make an amazing outfit from it!  So I tend to always search online for whatever my boys need to dress up as, we have had a reindeer, a camel, Where’s Wally, a sea-worthy pirate and many more over the years. 

Fortunately there is always ample choice on the Internet so the fact I am hopeless at costume making has gone unnoticed so far.  It does not feel like I am cheating, I get a big sense of satisfaction shopping around and getting a good deal for whatever I am buying, just because I did not painstakingly sew every button on does not make my boys look any less adorable when the order finally arrives.  Although hats off to you if you can make your own costumes (part of me might just envy you a teeny bit!).

We also always make a big deal with Halloween costumes for the boys usually; here they are one year looking super cute.  

I wonder what I can find for them this year, I quite like the Ghostbuster costume, perhaps when they are ready to be introduced to the film they will enjoy wearing one of those.

If you would like to enter just complete the rafflecopter below by the 19th of August.

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