Friday, 24 February 2017

Comvita Honey Review and Giveaway

When buying honey products its important to look for the UMF® mark so you can be confident about the purity of the honey you are buying and that the Manuka honey products are genuine.  Manuka honey is quite unique so you do not want to risk buying a fraudulent substitute that lacks the antibacterial healing properties of this special honey.

With Comvita you know you are getting a superior product as they are a company that has been producing world-renowned UMF® Mānuka honey since 1974.  The UMF® testing process is currently the most comprehensive; so you can be reassured about the quality of the honey you are buying. Comvita honey is sourced from New Zealand’s most remote locations, deep in the bush of Kaimanawa.

The lemon & honey lollipops (£5.99) from the Winter Wellness range of products are ideal for everyday use and will soothe your child’s throat and make them more comfortable when fighting those nasty winter bugs!  I feel much happier treating my children with natural products, ingredients that are pure but still powerful.

Comvita really do have lots of winter essentials.  When children are at school they seem to go from one cold to another it makes sense to stock up on some decent products to help keep them (and yourself well).  The Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir (currently reduced to £12.79 from £16.00) contains UMF 10+ Manuka Honey and Propolis.  Bees use Propolis to help protect their beehive from infection.  Bees are very clever they even place it at the hive entrance to disinfect their legs as they return home.

The wound gel (£10.00) promotes healing whilst reducing scarring, it also cleans and protects so should be included in every family first aid box for all those cuts and grazes that come with raising kids!  Mine always seem to be tumbling over their own feet, so I plan on carrying it in my handbag at all times!!!  This wound gel is even used in hospitals so it’s a good product to have close by.

The Manuka Honey varies in price depending on the strength, the UMF® 5+ one I was sent costs £12.99 (for 250g), I always find a spoonful of Manuka honey really helps when I am suffering from a sore throat.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tackling those difficult conversations

To be honest for a long time I had never thought about writing a will, even after my children were both here I still didn’t have one to begin with.  Writing a will meant accepting I were going to die at some point and it wasn’t something I wanted to acknowledge.  Even though alongside taxes, death is another inevitability, its something many of us put to the back of our minds.  I didn't want to tempt fate, I thought by writing a will it was like accepting death was on the horizon.

It was only after a conversation with a friend who has a lawyer friend (specialising in family law) that I realised just how important having one is.  She mentioned how difficult it can be if you haven’t got custody arrangements set in stone, families can battle it out in court with a lot of upset and arguments.  None of that is healthy for your children, far better to have something in place so you know where you are if heaven forbid something happened.  Before children I guess the will wasn't such a big issue as I had no real responsibilities and no assets to speak of.

But it wasn’t an easy conversation to have; no one likes thinking about death.  It’s one of those things you keep putting off.  But I was glad we had the talk, it was the motivation I needed to write a will.  Since that conversation with my friend I actively encourage my friends with children to write wills of their own.

According to the infographic by Which? the average age we start talking about wills is 18 so I was a bit behind the times there!  I must have been at least 30, for me it was because I didn’t like the idea of the boys being without me, but for others it might be down to worrying about the complexities of writing a will.  

Remarkably you can write a will online in 30 minutes with Which? Wills.  So don’t let the thought of it being a legal minefield put you off.  You can get it sorted quickly and easily and it might cost less than you think.

I get certain conversations can be a bit awkward, but in terms of relationships, finances and wills talking to your parents can also be very helpful, they might have guidance to give and knowledge to impart.  Once you get over the initial discomfort you might be glad you got something off your chest.  I am quite an open chatty person so can talk about pretty much anything, although I would blush at certain conversations, wills, finances, death and relationships are okay territory for me!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Review & Giveaway #GotrovoFun

The Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game was extremely good fun, my boys loved reading the clues and searching for the golden coins.  They were so excited they even dug out some pirate dressing up accessories in preparation for the hunt!

It was simple to play with minimal set up involved.

Perfect for when you want something to keep a group of children occupied and know they will quickly lose patience if you have lots to do to get the game ready!  We just put the adhesive dots on the map and then hubbie left his trail of clues for them to follow also leaving a gold coin at each location.  As it was raining outside we limited the hunt indoors but in finer weather we have the scope to send our children further – hopefully wearing them out in the process!!!  This is an ideal game to encourage active play because let’s be honest children have so much energy.

At the moment the Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game is only £19.95 (reduced from £22.95) on their website and that even includes free shipping.  If you are planning a birthday and need something entertaining for the children you can’t go wrong with this game (especially at that price!). 

Gotrovo have thought of everything, down to the handy little purse to hold the gold coins you retrieve and the grand finale golden bar, which is big enough to store a prize of your own choosing inside - the boys were delighted to find a couple of sweets each!  You don’t need anything fancy just a token gift or treat at the end.

They have made the game accessible for a wide age range.  My youngest is seven and the game is pitched for children 3-8 years, he could read the clues quite happily but for younger children you could use the picture clues instead.  My eldest will be 10 this year but he liked the game too, so I think that cap can be stretched so you can get even more use and enjoyment out of this game.

I can totally completely see why this Treasure Hunt Game won the myfamilyfavourite award (2015) as the best party game and Gold in the MumiiUK product awards (2017) for best family game.  As someone who in the past has spent a fortune on party entertainers this game would have been my preference, plus my two would have loved pirate themed parties!

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