Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PetShopBowl Review

Summer had her own delivery last week and to be honest it came in the nick of time, the poor puppy was beyond bored as she was on vet enforced crate rest after being spayed.  She looked down in the dumps as she is used to her freedom pottering around the house, dragging her toys everywhere and having her “mad moments”.

I hated having to confine her to the crate so much but it worked wonders on her stitches she healed perfectly!  She made light work of the Hills Ideal Balance Dog Treats she was sent, probably keen to comfort eat to make life more bearable!  I let her out just for the photo opportunity.

Now she is well and can enjoy her normal routine again, her tail is wagging uncontrollably, she is back to being a boisterous puppy!  The Happy Pet Dog Toy we were sent is a godsend, she requires lots of entertainment, but this particular toy helps her occupy herself as she throws the ball on the string and chases it around!  She does this for ages and wears off some of her crazy puppy energy!!!  It is funny to see.

I like the PetShopBowl website because of the range of products, little Summer has a habit of crying if she is not amused, it gets to the point I would gladly pay out good money to keep her in chews and toys to stop her whining quite so much.  As I write this blog post I keep throwing her toy to get a moment to type!  But she is still only a baby at six months really, so it’s no surprise she loves her attention.

I think it’s also clever that they have a Bottomless Bowl subscription service available on their site.  Hands up if you have ever run out of pet food!?! I know we have and hubbie has had to dash to the supermarket last thing and try and re-stock!  But if your dog’s stomach is used to a particular brand it is worthwhile making sure you do not run out so they do not have any toilet problems adjusting so they can automatically re-order for you!

Monday, 26 January 2015

My First Home Competition Entry

Where we live now is our first proper family home, before this we lived in my parents second home.  It was convenient and handy there but it was much more exciting when the time came to start viewing properties and picking out one for our future together.  The house has so much potential, but is in need of lots of loving care, it has been sadly neglected by its precious occupants.  It’s a beautiful home and the boys have settled in well.
It has the space for many an adventure, games of hide and seek and sleepovers and play dates.  The boys moving in party rocked!  They had glitter tattoos, face painting, disco, sweet tables and more cakes than your average bakery!  Seeing as we only moved in just over six months ago we have already had so many wonderful memories here, including getting our gorgeous puppy dog Summer.
You can watch a little video of the boys talking about their house for our keepmoat blogger competition entry.  

They like having a play room filled with all their favourite toys, they enjoy playing and coming up with creative imaginative worlds usually involving lots of battle scenes.  They consider it there area of the house, hence the no rules comment!  I tend to close the door on the room if it gets too messy or too loud!  I will on occasion venture inside if the floor needs sweeping but I tend to let them get on with it most of the time.  They like the freedom to play without restrictions.
Under the stairs is the little room we called “Harry Potter’s Bedroom”!  The boys have enjoyed the earlier films so they think it’s hilarious they have a similar space in their new house.  The boys share a bedroom at the moment until further renovations are completed but they have a fairly good size room and like making dens and climbing to the top bunk to sit nicely together, whether to read books or sneak on their tablet.
The living room is the gaming and TV watching space, we usually crack open the treats and snuggle in as a family.  I made sure the boys focused on the best parts of the house as a few rooms are minus a ceiling and we do not open the door for the fear of a freezing draft chilling us to the bone!  So the tour was an abridged version, the entire crib when it’s finished will hopefully be more impressive.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Soaking in the Bath

I love having a long indulgent bath; it really relaxes your body and helps with aching muscles.  I always feel so much better maybe because a bath is a chance to have some “me time”, being surrounded by heaps of bubbles, maybe with a candle flickering the background, often a face mask plastered on for good measure!  I can forget about the troubles of the day in my little sanctuary.

Remarkably though according to this infographic by LateRooms.com most commonly people are only having four baths a year!  I know I shower considerably more as a rule but even I take time out to soak much more regularly than that!  

Surely the children average would bring the figure up, my boys always prefer a bath to a shower.  Probably because they have more opportunities to be mischievous in the bath though, bubbles seem to cover the floor and a water pistol usually features and if I get too close I get blasted!

Someone really likes bubbles! x

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The average bath time is 20 minutes apparently I stay in until the water gets lukewarm then I hop out into a fluffy towel.  Although now in the new house we have a steel enamel bath and that keeps its temperature for much longer than our old acrylic bath ever did.  So if you are a regular in the bathtub its worthwhile thinking about the material it’s made of if you want to soak for longer.

The only reason I do shower mainly is down to time it’s always a little manic here, getting the boys ready for school or cramming in everything we need to do in a day.  But if I had my way I would go wrinkly in the bath every night.  I have been tempted to use my smart phone in the bath like the ¼ surveyed by I would panic it would drop in and be ruined!  So instead I think it’s nice to have a break from social media and just de-stress instead.