Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Win the full range of Great British Biscotti Products

I have a sweet tooth and my husband loves his treats and savoury snacks too so when we were sent a selection of Great British Biscotti products it was ideal for our family.  The amazing flavour combinations sounded so very tempting, we couldn’t wait to start sampling them straight away.  

I had the sweet varieties Chocolate Orange (perfect for Valentines!), White Chocolate, Cranberries & Pistachio and Simply Almond.  

My savoury packets included Wild Garlic & Rosemary, Cheddar & Fennel and Chorizo & Cheddar.  They also do lots more flavours too, currently there are a total of 12 in the range, six sweet and six savoury - very well balanced!  Personally, chunky Belgian Chocolate is calling to me!!!

Biscotti might traditionally be Italian but Great British Biscotti are keen to put Britain on the map!  Working from their base in Dorset Paul Rostand and his team are passionate about making great biscuits. 

The sweet biscuits are perfect for dunking into your hot drinks, there is nothing as disappointing as dunking a biscuit which then drops off and floats around in your drink!  Fear not with Great British Biscotti the biscuit is up to the dunking challenge.  The children have made light work of the sweet biscuits if I had any left I would have been tempted to make a cheesecake with a Chocolate Orange Biscotti base!  They really are very moreish, so I can’t just blame the kids.  I had my role to play in devouring them...

Summer was keeping a close eye on them too, but it meant I could give her a Great British biscotti hat to wear with pride!!!

The hand crafted twice baked biscuits have a wonderful crunch, the savoury flavours are a delicious accompaniment to your cheese board, soup or salad.  I eat a lot of soup in winter so its nice to make it a bit more exciting with these biscuits, usually I just have some bread and butter, but it can get a little dull after a while.  My taste buds are being spoilt with these Great British Biscotti mouth-watering combinations.


I have a lovely competition to giveaway the full range of 12 flavours, if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 24th of February.

Win 12 packets of Great British Biscotti

Monday, 22 January 2018

New Year, New Me!

This year I turn forty, I don’t know how I feel about that.  It doesn’t sound as old as it did when I was a kid, then it seemed positively ancient.  It kind of creeped up on me.  Still it’s a milestone birthday nonetheless and I do feel I need to make some changes in preparation.  Let’s be honest I don’t exercise enough, I eat WAY too much processed food and I stay up late binging on Netflix craving my own time.  I plan on making some changes for a happier and healthier me in my fortieth year.

Working Out

I have started a weekly Zumba class and am debating joining the local leisure centre, taking in a few classes and perhaps even venturing into the gym!  It’s cheap as chips getting an off-peak membership (the benefits of having flexible working hours!).  Generally, I think I have been fortunate so far as I don’t tend to have much of a problem with my weight, its gone up a bit since having kids but I haven't ballooned.  I would like to be fitter though and if that meant I got a flatter tummy in the process all well and good.  At this stage in my life one of my biggest priorities is my health.  I want to be around to see the boys grow up, get married and hopefully have their own children one day.


I also think it’s time to establish a better skincare routine, mine is very hit and miss at the moment.  I have enjoyed reviewing the RosehipPLUS range so I think I will start taking better care of my skin.  On top of that I have started having a weekly face mask, its indulgent me time if nothing more as I usually get 20 minutes to myself as the mask freaks the kids out! Haha they leave mummy in peace.


I guess with almost forty years under my belt I have got used to the parts of me that I am not happy with.  Although I didn’t realize you could alter your body without surgery, reading more on this site it is tempting to consider a nose job http://www.dore.sg/nose-job-without-surgery/ as I definitely inherited that physical trait from my dad’s side of the family!  I would love if it was a bit more sculptured, but I could never actually sign up for invasive surgery I am too big a wimp for all that pain and swelling but this procedure I would consider as its non-surgical.  But in terms of everything else I think I need to learn to be confident enough to accept my odd flaw here and there.  Remembering they are not grey hairs they are strands of glitter and they are not wrinkles but laughter lines!

Learning to take it easy

It’s hard not to be stressed when your juggling so many different things as a parent, the commitments of the home and your job.  But stress is a contributing factor to ageing so if I want to look good in my fortieth year I need to learn to chill.  Blogging is usually quite relaxing for me, I control the hours I work, I don’t have to deal with too many stressful situations as I generally pick and chose the assignments I want to cover.  But I am uptight about other things, I worry a lot about the boys and our finances, I need to learn to put aside all those worries at bedtime, so I actually get a proper night’s sleep.  

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Our Baking Mad Pirate Party #bakingmadwom

Today we hosted a party inviting a few of our favourite mums, dads and kids to showcase the Pirate Party Cake Kit available to buy from Baking Mad.  This was one of our more challenging Talk to Mum campaigns because although we have made cakes from scratch many times before this one was more ambitious! 

It was great to try a filled cake; the colourful chocolate beans look incredible when they spill out.  I don’t know why we haven’t baked a similar cake to this before, we possibly thought it would be harder than it is.  But mainly I think having the Baking Mad recipe gave us more confidence as a family to go ahead and try something new.  I did feel we were in good hands with them seeing as they are so enthusiastic about baking.  We have mastered mini battenburg with one of their recipes before.

The kit included many of the ingredients you need to get started, although that doesn’t include eggs and butter (but they are kitchen staples you hopefully have in).  

It’s still very convenient having most of the items delivered because it saves traipsing around the shops.  Our local supermarket doesn’t always stock everything either, getting a cake board or a black icing pen isn’t guaranteed, it’s the luck of the draw what’s left on the shelves.

We could have done with a bit more icing sugar included in the kit and possibly a stencil for the skull and cross bones sugar paste shape although its amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.  There was plenty of vanilla essence left over so that will be handy for our next bake.

The end-result looks so professional, we have bought cakes before made locally and this was easily as good as anything made by those regular skilled bakers.  

My children enjoyed being involved in the process too, mixing the butter icing, rolling out the little black sugar paste balls to decorate around the top and bottom of the cake and even trying their hand with the icing pen.  

Yes, you can go to the shops and buy a cake already made and ready to go or pay a lot more again and have it done by a local baker, but the one you make with this kit will leave you feeling so proud of your achievement.  I don’t think you can compare that.  It was quite time consuming but with practise I think we would get quicker and better.  

The cake was so moreish!  It had a lovely vanilla taste was moist and appetising and the children all loved those chocolate beans.

I think the dog thought it was a barking mad party instead as she tried to get in on the action too, although she does make a cute pirate dog no cake for you sorry!

The kit is reduced at the moment from £44.99 to £33.74 so it’s a great time to try it out if you have a special birthday coming up that needs that show stopping cake that will take centre stage.  Accessories like the plates and pirate ship centrepiece are extra but well worth adding to your order if you want to build on the theme.