Thursday, 27 July 2017

Win a Lottie Dolls Bundle

I really love the concept of Lottie Dolls, they have been designed from children’s imaginations alongside valuable input from industry experts, child psychologists, nutrition experts and parents.  All that research has paid off as these dolls children can really relate too and serve as excellent role models.

The dolls actually look like children and encourage them to join in on adventures and outdoor play, it’s not about body image and make up just enjoying childhood in its purest form.  Exploring, discovering the world around them and finding hobbies that they like.

Lottie dolls have varied interests, the Lottie range covers pretty much anything you could think of.  So much more choice than when I was a child, these dolls hunt for fossils, play football, go fishing and jump in muddy puddles.  When I was a child my dolls didn’t really have any interests as such they just seemed to ride around in a car with Ken and tidy their mansion, so I am all for dolls like this that celebrate children’s individuality!!! 

The quality of the dolls, clothes and accessories are exceptional, lots of attention to detail.  I think these dolls have a very positive message for our children.  The Bee Yourself Outfit packaging encourages us to save the bees, you can then talk to your child about the importance of saving bees and the steps you can do at home to help them like planting wildflowers and shrubs and adding hanging baskets in your garden. 

Diversity is important with Lottie dolls and the Mia Doll in the prize bundle actually has a cochlear implant (to help those that are deaf) so children with disabilities can associate with these toys.

If you would like to win a Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll (£18.99), a Wildlife Photographer Mia Doll (£21.99) and a Bee Yourself Outfit Set (£9.50) please fill out the form below by the 28th of August.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Weymouth SEA LIFE Visit

During our stay at Waterside Holiday Park we visited the SEA LIFE in Weymouth, I think this is now my most favourite SEA LIFE centre.  We have been to a few different ones over the years but I liked that there was plenty of space here, so you’re not all crowded in or feeling claustrophobic.  It’s located in a fabulous area too, lots of other things to do afterwards to make the most of your visit to Weymouth. 

The Weymouth SEA LIFE is set in 14 acres so they have ample room to fit in an interesting selection of different exhibits and play areas.  You can get plenty of fresh air in-between visiting each of the indoor zones.  We had a very pleasant afternoon here.  They have 1,000 creatures to see with some very unusual looking ones like the Weedy Seadragons and these guys popping out of the ground, the boys enjoyed finding out more about many of them and seeing how passionate the centre is about conservation. 

They have breeding programs in place and have provided a safe haven for many injured creatures who cannot live in the wild anymore.  It’s a warm feeling knowing your entrance fee will go towards protecting so many amazing creatures, SEA LIFE are committed to getting involved in lots of campaigns and initiatives which make the world a better place.

The outdoor areas the children appreciated, the Caribbean Cove play area is a welcome addition to the site, there is also a sensory garden and a splash zone (which would have been ideal to cool off as it was boiling hot but I forgot trunks for the boys!).  

The selection of attractions were varied and would equally suit younger or older children, the boys seemed happy enough making lots of "music" (noise!) in the sensory garden!

We found Rob who was presenting the otter talk to be knowledgeable and informative, he had a pleasant manner and was very entertaining.  He was also at the rock pool and told the boys a bit more about the creatures living there, I never knew a starfish can actually detach its stomach if it didn’t like what it was eating… (I bet my hubbie wishes he could do this every time I cook!) you will be pleased to know fortunately it grows back so they don’t starve.  The floating cones in the pool are actually viewers this I never knew either, turned on their side you get a good view of what is going on in the water.

For 20p you can feed the ducks so do bring some change with you.  If the feeders are empty the sign says not to worry its because they don't want the ducks overfed!  It's good SEA LIFE always think of the health and well being of all the creatures on their site.

The ticket price works out at excellent value if you consider you can also visit the Jurassic Skyline viewing platform.  Sadly, we didn’t manage to do this but it looks like it gives you incredible views across the Jurassic Coast and is well worth a visit.  You can spend another £3 per person (based on their online prices) and add in the adventure golf too!  You really can make a full day of it when you fit in the three attractions.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Review & Giveaway: Making Journeys Manageable with Sea-Band

My youngest can get quite poorly travelling, we sometimes take very long journeys and he gets himself into a panic worrying about how dreadful he will feel whilst in the car.  It can take away a lot of the excitement he has for holidays and days out because he really hates the journey to his destination, it’s a real shame seeing him getting so upset.  Journeys with the boys are hard enough as it is (they love squabbling and testing me!), sickness is one thing we really could do without adding into the mix!

Going anywhere is never viewed with much enthusiasm because my youngest just thinks about how sick he will feel whilst travelling.  He gets very pale and nauseous.  It’s not uncommon for children to feel like this, apparently 90% of children are affected by travel sickness during journeys of an hour of more (a fact I read in the lovely Happy Holiday Activity Book).  Children aged between 3 and 12 are those most likely to be affected and it’s a real pity as there is nothing like heading off on a family adventure together.  It’s a shame for those lovely memories to be tarnished by an awful experience travelling.

Fortunately, Sea-Band have been a big help.  I have avoided using medicine for his travel sickness I much prefer this natural solution.  Medicine for travel sickness can make your child feel drowsy and dizzy, the side effects are very common, so I am happier sticking to a drug free option every time.

The boys think they look quite cool, like the bands they wear anyway, these just have a distinct advantage that they also magically cure travel sickness too.

They are such a clever product, they fit comfortably around your wrist and get to work quickly (within 5 minutes of putting them on!).  Just having them on calms youngest down because he thinks he will travel better and that in itself is a huge plus! 

But it’s not all in the mind these are actually clinically proven to relieve nausea from motion sickness and morning sickness (how I wish I had used these when I was pregnant, instead I muddled through the first few months each time feeling ghastly).  They do this by applying pressure to a particular area at the back of the wrist.

Feeling better the boys can then take part in activities in the car, the journey passes more pleasantly for all of us.  The Sea-Band Happy Holiday Activity Book has helped keep them entertained with mazes, dots to join, word searches, spot the difference and tic tac toe games to play, when the boys are occupied they are less mischievous and grumpy!  Sea-Band really have taken the stress out of travelling.

I am hoping to take the boys on a cruise soon and I will definitely be bringing these with me, I remember being on a boat once and feeling horrendous from the rocking on the waves I think we will all be wearing them just in case.  Sea-Band are available to buy in all major retailers for RRP £8.59 so do stock up if you have a journey ahead of you this summer.

If you would like to enter my giveaway to win a Happy Holiday Activity Book and one adult and one child Sea-Band (retail value of £20) please fill out the form at the bottom of this page by the 16th of August.  I will be picking three lucky winners (UK residents only).

Win 1 of 3 Happy Holiday Activity Books & one child & one adult Sea-Band