Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Our Spring LEGO Adventures

It was another bumper box of LEGO we were sent to review.  We so look forward to these deliveries as a family because you never know what new product range you might discover.

Eldest got stuck straight into building the LEGO CITY Police Station (RRP £79.99); he kept at it for ages, literally doing a packet in a session until he eventually got through all of them.  It was ideal entertainment for him, he is six and capable of following the instructions all by himself.  As the set is pitched for children six to twelve I am quite impressed he can manage it on his own.

The only thing is as he does all the building; he wants to do all the playing too and wants to claim complete ownership of his project!  So when youngest comes near he is shooed away!  But I do understand his fear as youngest bless him is more heavy handed and suddenly the windowpanes have fallen out or the helicopter has crash-landed!

The set has so much scope for exploits when built.  It comes with a generous selection of vehicles, figures and accessories so your imagination can run wild with possibilities.  You can take the role of the robbers; police or even the police dog, being a sizeable police station a few friends could play together quite easily.

Eldest turns seven in June and he has been earmarking other LEGO CITY sets he wants ready!  I seriously cannot wait as when he is in the LEGO building zone he does not badger for screen time or sweets he just builds and builds and builds!  I have never seen him so focused or determined.  I think the big sets do not seem so expensive when you consider how long children are kept occupied.

The LEGO Movie Melting Room was another popular set for the boys, they could not get enough of the film so its only natural they would be keen to get their hands on these sets to carry on the storyline off screen. They were only to pleased to help rescue Emmet from the bad cop, luckily Wildfire sprang into action and valiantly saved the day!

Finally we had more of the Hero Factory range, I have nothing but praise for these.  They make great action figures once built.  The new additions make the battles more engaging and challenging, you can even combine certain products to make bigger beasts to try and take down before the poor residents of the city become snacks for the underground queen!

You can see more information on these ranges and many more on the LEGO website.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Moshi Monsters The Movie

We missed the cinema release (unfortunately we live in the sticks so cannot get there as often as we would like) so have been (im)patiently awaiting the release to DVD.  The boys have heard lots of positive things from their friends and are glad to finally have a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

This is a great film for fans of the figures.  My boys have heaps of them so loved seeing them all come to life on screen, learning more about their interesting unique personalities and funny little habits.  So many different characters feature that you know if you watch closely enough you will see your personal favourite at some point!

The film has been released in perfect timing for Easter, so you have a decent means of distraction over the holiday period (if sibling rivalry starts in earnest or the weather turns you have this DVD at the ready!).  Also the content is very topical for this time of year with a planned rescue of the Great Moshling Egg.  This film would make a welcome alternative to chocolate eggs, as most children can never get enough of their Moshi friends.

They loved the colourful characters and thought the singing was very cool (even nodding along especially to the sweet tooth one, as they absolutely love their sweets!).  Dr Strangeglove is not particularly sinister, not with a bunch of unthreatening looking minions following him around everywhere anyway.  So it’s ideal family entertainment for even the most little of ones, but with plenty of action scenes to keep the older ones interested too.

Available to buy now from Amazon, the DVD comes with a limited edition trading card, which is a nice bonus if you are a collector of the Moshi cards.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Micro Moshi Spaceship Review

My boys were excited to be expanding their Micro Moshi kingdom by adding this rather nifty little spaceship to their collection.  They already have a few select pieces so another was positively welcomed into the fold, especially when they realised it also came with an exclusive Captain Squirk figure too. 

Youngest enjoyed whizzing it around, making the most of the spaceship shape and then cleverly you can pull it apart and have a hidden ride (spinning space seats when you rotate the top) appear for your characters.

The three swings provide yet more entertainment for the Micro Moshi’s you currently own as you can sit them on the seats or you can house plenty more within the opening space pods or in the operating cabin itself.

So considering the size of the toy there is actually a surprising amount to do and be kept occupied with.  Eldest had a re-shuffle of the figures after youngest had done some photos and that meant he was busy for a while again. 

It is a useful toy to store your Micro Moshi’s, with them being so small they do have a tendency to get lost easily, but you can slot them all over this toy including the base of the swing ride (eldest noticed this I had missed it completely!).

Currently only £7.50 to buy from Amazon, so at that price its great to stash away for birthdays for your Moshi fans.