Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

If you’re wondering what to get the ladies in your life look no further for some inspiration!  Most of my ideas are linked to the time of year, when it’s cold and miserable outside you need your home comforts.

Vitamin L

This product from LUMIE can help you feel better in winter when the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) are at their worst.  If your feeling glum the clever Vitamin L (£75) can lighten your mood, help you feel alert and energised!  It doesn’t take long either a treatment time of 30 minutes is manageable to fit in every day and can give you a real boost.  I like to bask in the glorious light whilst I write a blog post – I feel much more motivated than I normally would!

SAD can also affect your eating habits – so if you find yourself regularly reaching for the wrong foods you might need some light therapy.  The Vitamin L is a thoughtful gift this Christmas, the days are shorter, we spend so little time in the sunshine.

I have a competition to giveaway a Vitamin L if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 12th of December.

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Winter Clothes

LOTD (look of the day!) have those capsule wardrobe essentials every woman needs!  You can buy lots of lovely items for family and friends without breaking the bank.  I have the black oversized hooded knitted cardigan (£20) and a black cable knit grandad cardigan (£20) from this affordable site.  Both products are warm and cosy ideal for this time of year, I feel the cold normally, so these are a real treat!  So comfortable to wear and black is such a versatile colour that goes with everything.  

If you want to be the belle of the ball check out the gorgeous dresses for work Christmas parties!  Lots of choice, different colours and styles so something for everyone at a price that’s very reasonable.

Photo Frame

I really like the photo frames from India Jane, they are very ornate and stylish!  A photo frame is a wonderfully sentimental gift, as you can pick out a favourite photo that really means something to the recipient.  Make sure you see if you can find a voucher code for India Jane first and then spend some time finding the perfect snap to do the frame justice.

Candles and Fragrance

The White Company have beautifully scented candles, diffusers and home sprays which make ideal gifts.  They have a signature Winter candle with warm spicy scents and orange undertones for Christmas (£20) it looks elegant and the scent will soon make you feel festive.  

Or you can gift room sprays to a lady in your life to refresh their room and furniture (I have a dog so like using something pleasant to fragrance the room it makes it so much more inviting!).  The store can be quite pricey so always use The White Company discount code when shopping, it helps you feel better when your splashing the cash!

New Dressing Gown

When its cold first thing there is nothing better than wrapping up in a fleecy dressing gown.  I always feel better when I have those indulgent extras!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Werewords™ Review and Giveaway

With the nights setting in card games are great entertainment for the whole family.  We were sent Werewords™ from Bezier Games to see how we got on, in some ways it seemed quite similar to Codenames which we reviewed recently.  My boys seem to be preferring card games lately, perhaps because they have a relatively quick set up and they seem to embrace the element of strategy involved.

The aim of this game is the guess the magic word by asking yes or no questions before the time runs out.  To help you with this one of the players will be a seer who can provide clues.  None too obvious though as you don’t want to make it too easy! 

Not that it will be as one of the players is also a werewolf (it should be expected from the creators of One Night Ultimate Werewolf after all!), they too know the magic word and will be trying their best to steer you off track!  This is where it differs from Codenames as you have someone taking you completely off course when you’re trying your best to guess!  I like the challenge that introducing the werewolf provides so this game has quickly become a firm favourite in our household.

If you don’t manage to guess the word in time you still have a chance of victory if you can correctly identify the werewolf!  Using your powers in deduction to try and single the werewolf out.  It’s not as simple as you would think.

Whether you play the werewolf, the seer or one of the regular players each of the roles is appealing and has plenty to contribute.  If the players guess the magic word the werewolf can make a guess at who the seer is.  With the guessing of the words and attempting to identify both the seer and the werewolf there is ample entertainment to be had for RRP £19.99. 

The game never gets old as you can download an app that provides thousands of words to keep things interesting!  Werewords™  is available to buy from or your local friendly game shop:


If you would like to win Werewords™ please fill out the form below by the 9th of December.

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5 Signs It Is Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth might not present you with any problems, well at least not for a while, but if you wait until the signs are obvious, it isn’t a wise decision. Wisdom teeth, although not vital, do allow us to chew food properly, and if there are issues, your dentist would decide whether or not extraction is the best solution, and if you are at all concerned that your wisdom teeth might be a problem, here are some common symptoms.

1. Pain at the Tooth Site – This indicates an infection, which can be the outset of decay, and if the pain is accompanied by a swelling at the base of the tooth, this is a further indicator. Visiting your local dentist is the best way to assess accurately, the cause of the discomfort, and if you happen to live in or around Brisbane, there is a great family dentist Everton Park residents go to who can very quickly determine whether or not your wisdom teeth are in need of treatment.

2. Stiffness of the Jaw – Due to the rear location of the wisdom teeth, a swelling often makes jaw movement uncomfortable. Ideally, your dentist would x-ray your jawbone, which will highlight any misalignment issues, and usually extraction is the most suitable treatment. This discomfort could also be accompanied by pain when chewing food, another sign that your wisdom teeth need attention. If you are concerned about oral hygiene, there is a useful guide to oral care online that can help you to prevent any wisdom teeth issues from occurring.

3. Swollen Gums – It might be that an abscess has formed at the base of the wisdom tooth, and this would also be very painful to the touch. Your dentist would need to give you an examination, and often, the treatment does not involve extraction, and with antibiotics, the swelling disappears. If you notice (and it is hard not to) a swelling at the base of your gums, it might be caused by an infection in your wisdom teeth, and an x-ray is the best way to determine the cause of the problem.

4. Pain Due to Partial Eruption – Often it is the case that a person’s wisdom teeth only partially erupt, and this can easily be the root of a gum infection. This type of pain is very dull and persistent, and it is often accompanied by a swelling at the base of the affected gum area, and it is only with an x-ray that your dentist can determine the actual cause.

5. Pain When Chewing – If an infection has taken root, this usually causes a sharp pain when biting down, and should you experience discomfort when chewing your food, the likely cause of either a gum infection or deep decay within the tooth itself.

One should visit one’s dentist often, as regular check-ups can prevent tooth and gum problems from arising, and even though there are never enough hours in the day, you will be glad you found the time to have regular dental examinations.