Monday, 5 December 2016

Does your mattress have your back?

A mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make, especially if you suffer from back pain. People who sleep on the wrong type of mattress can find that they develop back pain or cause an existing condition to become worse. Your posture is as important when you are sleeping as when you are awake, so it is important that you choose the right mattress for your sleeping posture.

Choosing a Mattress

The type of mattress you choose will depend on a number of factors such as budget, size needed, body weight and spinal health. Generally, lighter people will be more comfortable on a soft to medium comfort mattress, whilst heavier individuals may need the increased support offered by a firmer mattress.

Which Type of Mattress to Choose

1. Coil-Sprung Mattresses

These are always an affordable and popular option, but they are not always ideal for using on a permanent basis and may be better suited for use in guest rooms. They are made from a single wire coil with a filling of other materials. One advantage of coil-sprung mattresses is that they do not retain body heat so can be more comfortable in the summer.

2. Pocket-Sprung Mattresses

Pocket-sprung mattresses have individual springs rather than a continuous one, so they offer increased support and comfort. Each spring is housed in a fabric pocket and works independently from the others, so these mattresses prevent “roll-together”. The number of springs varies, with firmer mattresses usually having more springs than softer ones. Relyon mattresses are some of the most comfortable pocket-sprung mattresses available.

3. Memory-Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is a product that was developed by NASA and is extensively used in healthcare settings to provide pressure relief. There are different grades of memory foam, with the low-density product being less expensive than high-density foam. Whilst memory foam can be very comfortable, some people find it is too hot, although there are treatments available to reduce the heat.

The Verdict

Both coil- and pocket-sprung mattresses can be combined with memory foam for increased comfort. Pocket-sprung and memory-foam mattresses have the advantage of the comfort of the memory foam combined with the support of pocket springs and are very popular. Coil-sprung mattresses with memory foam are generally more comfortable than coil-sprung mattresses alone, but they are still a very affordable option.

People who suffer from lower back pain need a mattress that is firm enough to support their lower back. Those who usually sleep on their back will need a medium-firm mattress, but those who sleep on their side will be more comfortable with a slightly softer mattress that cushions the hips and shoulders. If you sleep on your front, you will need a firm mattress for support. Memory foam is a good option for people who change position frequently, since it has high motion isolation. It also helps with keeping the spine correctly aligned and reducing general discomfort and back pain. Combined with pocket springs, this is possibly the best type of mattress to choose if you are concerned about back pain.

It is important to reposition your mattress regularly to prevent uneven wear. It should be flipped lengthways and also rotated 180 degrees so that it wears evenly. Even the best mattresses do not last forever, so inspect your mattress at regular intervals. When a mattress starts sagging, it will not provide the correct support and should be replaced.

Respite Care: When you need a little help

I am more aware than ever that my parents aren’t getting any younger and I hate thinking of them becoming frail and life changing from how they like it.  My mum usually has a very active social life, but had a bad foot lately and hasn’t been very mobile, she is used to going to coffee with the girls, craft sessions and fundraisers so it really knocked her for six having to rest her foot and limit her activity.  It’s exhausted my poor dad too running around after her and doing extra duties in the home, we help as best as we can but with two children, a dog and jobs it’s hard juggling everyone.

We did any food shopping my mum needed, ran errands and husband drove her to doctor’s appointments.  It would be difficult if they needed to move in right now whilst she recovers as our house is still a renovation project, we also have two loud (slightly feral) children that can be a bit too much if your trying to recoup from an illness or injury!  You need somewhere peaceful for TLC and you can just imagine as I get my parents comfortable the boys will kick off into another full on sibling fallout… (with loud shouting, screaming and perhaps a spot of wrestling!!!).

Fortunately there are alternatives and we could look at booking short-term respite care if needed.  What is respite care? you might well ask, well it’s a provision for people looking to move into a care home just for a little while.  It might only be for a week, possibly family are away on holiday and no alternative carers are available to watch over them in their own home.

The Barchester Respite Care Guide details more information but I do think it’s great something like this is available.  I fully intend to make my home available to my parents when they need it, but I just need a couple more years to get it straight!!!

Respite care is also good for those at home if the main carer needs a little break, caring for people with more advanced medical needs can be difficult and sometimes you need space to look after yourself too.  You can book them in and know they are safe and protected so you have none of the worries about their well-being.

I am hoping my brother and I will be a bit of a tag team, so if I needed to go away he would be able to help in the interim, but I am glad that we have options whatever we all decide to do.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lumie launch premium bodyclock LUXE 700

I have been a fan of Lumie for a while now but the latest Bodyclock I was sent looks like the most promising yet.  It is great to see Lumie developing the range and continuing to make my mornings more bearable.

If you’re not a morning person having a Lumie Bodyclock can give you a gradual sunrise wake up that can really help matters especially during this time of year when the dark mornings can be depressing.  I never leap out of bed with the first sound of an alarm I need gradual coaxing to get me in the right frame of mind and in a position to leave the comfort of my warm bed!  

Lumie Bodyclocks make my mornings gentler as the light slowly brightens, its been scientifically proven to improve your mood and productivity too.  Setting your Lumie Bodyclock to come on 30 minutes before you need to get out of bed makes all the difference; you will soon notice an improvement to your general well being and your get up and go!

You can learn more about how Lumie Bodyclocks work in the brand video below:

The Bodyclock LUXE 700 (£170) is very sophisticated and advanced; it has high-quality speakers for streaming your own music or radio via Bluetooth so you can pick out some tunes to energise you on those winter mornings.  

With light and sound combined you should have more of a spring in your step first thing or at night time feel more relaxed and ready for sleep depending on the soothing sounds you choose to help you nod off.  Twenty optional sleep and wake up sounds are included with white noise being one of them so you can experiment with which sound is the most effective for you.

The Bodyclock LUXE has new low-blue light feature which is more suited for bedtime, blue light needs to be kept at a minimum to help you go to sleep quicker as it has been found to stimulate our system the very last thing you need when your trying to shut off for the night.

It’s an attractive looking piece of kit that is both practical and stylish.  If you still have Christmas presents to buy don’t forget to have a browse of the Lumie website, the body clocks start from £59.95 for a starter clock through to the Bodyclock LUXE at £170.

I have a Bodyclock LUXE 700 to giveaway if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 6th of January.

Win a Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700