Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Collect Moments Not Things

I have been thinking about this more and more lately. 

I just look at the presents the boys have had that are still in their boxes, they haven’t been played with or used yet, it seems such a waste. 

I do think I am guilty of buying for buying shake, just to pad out presents at Christmas to make sure they have ENOUGH? But when is enough, enough?

Why do they need so much? 

I love seeing their faces light up but seriously it’s got to be about balance and I think I lose the plot!  I try and think what they will like but even then months and months down the line not everything is utilised, its just more clutter for their rooms.

I don’t want the boys to think happiness is tied to their physical possessions, as long as they have the important things covered, shelter, warmth, clean clothes and food in their tummy, surrounded by family that love them surely that’s the most important things. 

Christmas, birthdays, even Easter it all gets so commercialised now.  We all try and out compete each other it seems, with pictures showing a child surrounded by a mountain of gifts!

It just goes to show mine have too much if a PS4 game is still in the wrapper five months later with no sign of it ever being played I need to rethink the types of presents I give, reduce the quantity but also change the type of presents.  I want to buy experiences instead, those will be more unforgettable presents when they are older than a whole lot more plastic tat.

Hopefully I can change in time for Christmas this year so we can be more about collecting moments.  Days out can be expensive but at Christmas we could focus the money we usually spurge on presents on booking unique and memorable experiences throughout the year.  Eldest would love a trip on a fishing boat, spending quality time with his dad!  I am not sure how the boys will feel about the change, they still believe in Santa but only just!  But we could book more shows like Brainiac Live this that they really enjoyed.

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Some presents admittedly worked, my son getting a metal detector, with it he is outdoors looking for treasure, a sense of adventure in his heart and always hopeful he will find something valuable! That present has made lovely memories for him over and over again but other presents just add more of the same (more building bricks, more toy cars, more board games...) they have enough!!!  Far more than I ever had or they ever need.

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Hopefully this Christmas can be different.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Want a Bathroom Renovation? Step Back and Consider These Ideas First

For many people who own homes, the bathroom is considered to be the most important room in the house. It’s a place for relaxation, and you want it to be clean, pleasant, bright and attractive. That’s all possible, but it might mean having to undertake rather a large bathroom renovation. A big task like this has to be undertaken carefully, and it’s vital that the proper time and consideration is given to the planning process.
You need to take a step back and look at things objectively if you want to get this whole process right. You can’t expect to find true success for your bathroom and its renovation unless you think carefully about which steps will produce results for you. The ideas that you’ll find below will all help you to create the bathroom of your dreams in a way that is both realistic for you and affordable. You can’t afford to ignore these tips if you want to get this bathroom renovation right.
Get to Grips with the Costs
Giving some proper thoughts to the costs that are going to be associated with this bathroom renovation is really important. Without thinking about the true costs of a bathroom renovation, you will never be able to ensure that you do all of this in a proper and sustainable way. It’s worth saving up some money and making sure that you have the cash in place before getting started. Not doing this isn’t really an option, so you need to get to grips with this as soon as possible. There is no sense in putting yourself in a bad financial situation over this bathroom renovation.
Consider the View from the Doorway
When it comes to actually planning out the renovation of your bathroom, start by thinking about how you want the room to look as you walk through the bathroom door. If you don’t do this, you could end up creating the wrong first impressions, which matter a lot. Many people believe that opening the door to the bathroom and seeing what’s right in front of you immediately is not the way to go when it comes to designing a bathroom. It's up to you what you want people to see when they open the bathroom, but make sure you give it plenty of thought before coming to a conclusion.
Understand That Taps Are Often More Important Than Tubs
It’s easy to forget that the taps that you choose in your bathroom are just as important as anything else. It’s often these that stand out more than anything else you can choose. If you really want to get this right and make sure that you get the most from your bathroom, you need to browse all of the taps out there. Thanks to the internet, stylish bath taps are easier to find than ever before. Make sure that you find taps that are going to remain stylish and appealing for a very long time to come.
Accentuate Space with Light and Mirrors
If you feel like your bathroom is lacking size and depth, there are things you can do to fix that. The two main things that can help you out are lights and mirrors. If a room is well-lit and has plenty of natural light flooding the room, it can look bigger. That’s what you want, so be sure to make it happen. The other thing that you should put in place are mirrors. There is nothing wrong with having more than one mirror in a bathroom because the greater levels of reflection create great levels of depth. In a relatively small room, that can be vital.
Make the Most of Antique and Salvaged Pieces
There is a lot that can be done with old fittings and fixtures in your bathroom. You need to work hard to ensure that you put plenty of salvaged furniture items in place. If you don’t get this right, you might find that you never make that bathroom look classy and stylish. You can find salvaged pieces of furniture, such as chairs and vanity cabinets, which are ideal for a bathroom. They bring something new and interesting to the room which wouldn’t otherwise be there, so embrace these touches.
Don’t Assume Tiles Are a Must
Tiles don’t have to be a mainstay in your bathroom. Conventionally, this would be the case. But you can come up with plenty of other alternatives for your walls if you want to do something different and think outside the box a bit more. For example, more and more people are now looking towards wallpaper, and other such solutions. These can be great options for anyone who is not quite sure about how to make the room stand out and look striking without tiles. Of course, tiles can still look great, but don’t be tethered by convention.
Definitely Use Open Shelves
Open shelves are perfect for the bathroom. They are much more simple and minimalist than other storage and shelving options that are often found in bathrooms. You can place items on these shelves, so they will store just as many items as other storage options. They become a decorative item as well, though, and that’s what makes them different. If you paint these shelving fixtures the same colour as your walls, the can blend in really nicely as well, so don’t rule out this option.
Choose Countertops That Are Built to Last
Finally, think about the countertops you choose in your bathroom. These will be used by you every day. They need to look great, fitting in nicely with the rest of the room. But they also need to be strong, sturdy and built to last. If you can make that happen, your home will be all the better for it. This is one area of the room that you should be willing to spend money on because the quality of the materials you use will matter a great deal. If you opt for cheap solutions, you might end up regretting it later.

The blog post where I dress up! #LEGOMinifigures #Series17

I had TWO very exciting deliveries from LEGO to celebrate the release of Minifigures Series 17.  The minifigures are now available nationwide at £2.99 a pop but as part of the build up to the release a few bloggers (myself included) were encouraged to play a game with our children.

We love LEGO here and were thrilled to be involved as it means more interesting characters to add to the boys LEGO (ever growing!) collection so I eagerly accepted the secret mission, even though it involved me dressing up!!!  I swear my neighbours think I am a bit of an oddball; the boys took ages to find me hiding behind a tree, but more about that on the video!

This time there was an element of mystery because one of the minifigures is blacked out on the packets, so their identity is a bit of a secret!!!  Oh the suspense I hear you say, but fear not as I am going to reveal more here.  So don’t dash off just this minute and manically start buying packets to find out before my big reveal.  Well you can because ultimately everyone wants to get their hands on these wonderful minifigures, but only after watching my little video first:

LEGO definitely know how to build up the suspense, my boys really enjoyed looking for the missing accessories and were surprised when they found me hiding in a tree dressed up as the mischievous character!  But they were delighted to reunite the remaining minifigures with their missing accessories after taking on the role of being their official protectors (I think the chocolate coins they earnt for their troubles was a nice reward too!).  I have learnt I need to practice my evil laugh if I want to play the villain again!

This fun social game was a real highlight to the boys weekend, it’s made me realise maybe LEGO accessory hunting should be a more regular activity in our household, it’s a great way to keep kids occupied.  

Although fancy dress might be optional going forward (for my neighbours sake!).

So here we go a line up of all the figures together (including the rather naughty Highwayman!), I think the minifigures will be keeping a close eye on their accessories from now on.