Friday, 18 August 2017

Win #NASCAR prizes whilst the kids enjoy motorsport fun

It’s the summer holidays and you might be wondering what you can do to keep your children occupied, one thing you could try is visiting the NASCAR site, just think how much they can learn about motorsports before they go back to school!  The science of racing will completely grip their attention, there is so much to learn about speed, aerodynamics and how to reduce drag, they might even be able to teach the professionals a few things…

My boys love cars and playing racing games so the NASCAR Acceleration Nation website is perfect for them.  Not only does it have the simple but entertaining game Race Flex it can also be educational with Flash Cars #1 and #2 to help children with their maths.

In addition to the games the site is full of interesting facts so children can learn more about motorsports, there are profiles of the drivers and further information on the cars, tracks and upcoming races.  I can’t believe one driver started racing aged just 5 doing motocross no wonder he is now a NASCAR star!  The key to success is starting early.  It's worth remembering that kids aged 12 and under are FREE to all NASCAR XFINITY & Camping World Truck races, so if the website and app have made them eager to watch a race its good to know it won't cost you a fortune.

At this late stage in the summer holidays I am glad of any distraction!  My energy reserves are running low and I need something suitable to amuse them.  So, it’s well worth downloading the app which is available on Android and iPhone after visiting their informative website, who knows where their new interest in motorsports might take them.  Head to Acceleration Nation App to download the free app on Android.

Before you race off to the NASCAR site do make sure you have entered the giveaway featured below, but bear in mind that the competition is only open to residents of the US and Canada that are over 18.  There are some incredible prizes to be won, with a 1st prize of $400, 2nd of $150, and 3rd of $75 of NASCAR gift cards.  

The competition closes in 20 days so do enter quickly!

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Cost of Having a Baby

It’s no secret having a child can be an expensive decision to make, but if your set on starting a family sometimes you just try and make ends meet as best as you can.  It might help reading my earlier blog post 14 ways to save money when you’re pregnant to get a bit of a reserve before going off on maternity leave!

If I am honest I don’t think there is a perfect time to have a child, when you are younger you might have your health and more energy but you might be struggling financially whereas as you get older it can be harder to conceive but you could be in a better situation with money to cope better with the cost of endless nappies and all the nursery equipment you feel like you should buy.

The infographic below by Busy Bees Child Care is quite revealing. 

You can save a small fortune if you decide to breastfeed over using formula.  Each to their own of course, I completely understand why some people breastfeed and why others don’t but I kind of wish I had mastered if now just to have helped our family finances to the tune of £1567.60 in those first twelve months!  That could have been a nice family holiday instead.  I just wish we had noticed my son had tongue tie before we did so we could have established breastfeeding.

Using reusable nappies saves over £100 but its finding the time to wash them!  I love the financial saving and the environmental benefit of sticking with reusables BUT I really felt like I had no time when my two were young, I can’t imagine I would have been keen to wash nappies especially for the short time I had both my boys in them (the joys of a close age gap!).

If you decide to go back to work and need to find childcare in Brighton or wherever you live, make sure you do your research early, slots at decent childcare providers can fill up quickly.  The cost soon adds up, 11k for the first two years it makes me glad I had the support of my mum and dad when I had a part time job when the boys were little.  If you can rely on family help in-between and use a childcare provider part-time instead you can save just over 5k, so it’s worth seeing how you can juggle things to make a considerable saving.  Not everyone has family living by them in that case do check with your employer to see if they can do anything to help like offer flexible working or allowing you to work from home some days of the week.

But remember a child is always a blessing, even if you have some days you wonder how you will make your money stretch!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Win a Haliborange Back to School Bundle

I have a lovely back to school competition with Haliborange the UK’s number one children’s supplement brands.  Mr Men/Little Miss fans will be absolutely delighted with the prize bundle which you can see pictured below.

Let’s be honest starting school can be exhausting for children, getting used to a routine again after the break of the holidays, the earlier starts and the long days concentrating can be draining.  Giving your child a supplement can be a real boost and help prepare them for the challenges ahead.  I think it’s even harder when children start school for the first time as everything is new and overwhelming.

Haliborange take children’s health very seriously their website is full of helpful advice and tips as a parent I am reassured that their excellent product range will support a healthy diet and lifestyle that can help my children thrive at school.  It’s so important as I find it difficult getting my boys to eat the right foods to give them the essential vitamins and minerals they need to flourish!  For example Omega-3 nutrients are mainly found in fish and not all children can be convinced to eat it, so having a supplement gives you the assurance they are still getting what they need until you can convince them to eat a wider range of foods!

Fortunately Haliborange have appealing flavours including orange, blackcurrant, strawberry or citrus so I will never struggle to get them to take their supplement.  Haliborange even have a Money Back Taste Guarantee so you know they take the taste of their products very seriously!!!

A new term means being exposed to more germs so ensuring your children takes a regular supplement will help maintain immune health.

The prize bundle includes a Mr Men/Little Miss pencil case, Mr Men/Little Miss lunch box, Mr Men/Little Miss water bottle and a 3 month supply of Haliborange vitamins.  If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 5th of September.

Win a Haliborange Back to School Bundle