Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to improve the productivity of your staff through HR methods

The key to a successful business is a productive staff team, however getting the most from your employees isn't always as easy as it seems. Human resources are at the heart of boosting your workers' productivity, but many companies lack the necessary knowledge and skills to exploit this potential. Luckily there are HR courses online which can help your business to develop the essential tools they need to achieve their goals.

For any brand to grow and thrive, the entire staff team need to be on board and motivated, and an unhappy workforce is an unproductive workforce. Not only that but if staff feel unchallenged you risk them leaving the company in search of pastures new, a move which, according to The Balance could cost your business as much as twice their annual salary.

Here are some tips for improving your staff's productivity using good HR practices.

Productivity Begins With Choosing The Right Staff

Improving your employees' productivity doesn't begin after they have been trained, it begins with choosing the right staff members in the first place. Hire an unmotivated worker and they will remain unmotivated, however positive their working environment. Dedicated and keen employees produce high standards of work even in poor conditions.

Finding and hiring high-quality employees is the starting point for every company's growth and success and human resources departments must place their focus on drawing up a list of incentives to attract top talent as well as on developing a staff hiring process which seeks out the most productive and motivated employees.

Creating A Valuable Incentive

Developing persuasive incentive programmes that are designed to attract and, most importantly, maintain the highest calibre staff plays a key role in the productivity of your workers. Incentive programmes have been proven to help companies to meet and even exceed their productivity goals as they provide employees with a clearly defined reward for their achievements.

The senior management team and human resources department must work together to define the goals that they wish to accomplish and then to establish an appropriate incentive programme while ensuring that staff are provided with the means to be able to achieve all of the goals that they have been set.

Improving Worker Experience

According to Forbes, 83% of human resource department leaders believe that their employees' experience is instrumental in the success of their organisation, and providing a positive working environment where the staff knows that their needs are being taken into account is key.

Workers today are looking for a better work/life balance, with the opportunity to fit their working day around their commitments in the home. The government's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has encouraged companies to consider flexible working as a benefit for their staff as it has been shown to feed into greater employee loyalty, motivation and engagement in the workplace.

It has been confirmed by ACAS that one of the main ingredients to produce a happier and more motivated workforce is allowing employees to voice any concerns or ideas that they have in an open and non-threatening environment. By allowing workers to express themselves in the safe knowledge that their opinions are valuable and of interest to the management team, the team strengthens as a whole, working as a single unit to increase productivity.

Providing Better Data

A key function of the HR department is to use the most appropriate data to pinpoint the needs of newly engaged staff, any requirements for cross-training, and, most importantly, whether the business' goals are currently being met. The company's human resources department must be responsible for collecting and presenting this key data to the management team in order to help set the entire staff on track to improve productivity.

It goes without saying that a company's Human Resources department represents a powerful strength within an organisation, and if they are used effectively, it is possible to boost productivity exponentially. By beginning with these four steps, your HR team could take huge steps towards improving the success of your firm.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Discovery Toys Competition

As my boys have got older I have found it harder to buy them presents, they don’t play with toys as often as they used too so there is only so many figures and cars they need when they have sufficient already.  Fortunately, the Discovery toy range from Trends UK has plenty to offer when you need inspiration for birthday and Christmas gifts.  The products are all very educational and fun developing an interest in science and nature.  These will all appeal to any young scientist!  Children have such inquisitive natures what better presents than ones that allow them to explore the world around them.

The Discovery 30 mm Explorer Telescope is a good first telescope the 15x magnification enough to spark an interest in astronomy. 

The Discovery Bug Barn lets children get closer to bugs just remember to handle them gently and return them to their homes afterwards. 

The Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies work up to a range of 3km and are ideal for keeping in touch when out on adventures.  With 3 channels, a ringing tone to alert incoming transmissions and LED display, one-on-one outdoor communication has never been more convenient.

All these products are great for encouraging children to get outdoors and forget about playing computer games.  It’s all about learning new things and getting close to nature this autumn with the Discovery range.  Find out how plants, bugs and nature change over the seasons.  All the products have real working features and educational benefits whilst supporting the STEM curriculum.  STEM is an acronym, representing the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Trends UK is at the forefront of this movement to produce more educational toys as they have been developing Science toys for over 14 years.  That considerable experience in toy development really shows in the calibre of the Discovery toy range. 

I have a competition to giveaway a wonderful Discovery toy bundle including the Discovery Bug Barn (RRP £16.99), a Discovery 30 mm Explorer Telescope (RRP £16.99) and Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies (RRP £27.99) if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 19th October.

Win a Discovery Toys Bundle

Friday, 15 September 2017

Tips to Keep Warm This Winter

The temperature seems to be dropping and I am sorely tempted to put on my central heating and hide in a blanket with a flask of tea!  I really do feel the cold so I like to dress warm for the weather.

I don’t mind this time of year if I can keep cosy, we have lots to look forward too with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas celebrations after all.  But if it’s a bitter winter I like to have all my home comforts and the right accessories when I need to head outdoors.

Here are my winter essentials

Winter Boots

I noticed an UGG sale on the lovethesales website.  I have always fancied a pair of their boots.  They are all fleecy inside and very soft and cosy.  Ideally you wear your UGG boots without socks so you get the full warmth of the material inside, how comfortable does that sound? Apparently, the wool keeps your feet warm even with temperatures as low as -30 F so the perfect winter purchase.

Every house needs a cuddly big throw for winter, even with the heating on I still feel cold, we live in an old stone house so the key is layering up to survive the winter!  Love the Sales have lots of choice, it’s easy to click through and then buy them from direct from the retailer at a bargain price!

A Hat

Keeping your head warm is important apparently we lose 30% of our body temperature through our head, the 70% people used to say was greatly exaggerated but still 30% is significant enough to make sure it stays covered!  We should also breathe in through our nose according to the article as the nostrils warm the air before it goes into your lungs.

A Scarf

Keeping your nose covered from the cold keeps the air you breathe in warmer which stops the cold virus from replicating as quickly so whatever you do don’t leave home without your scarf!

Think about what your wearing

The NHS recommends clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat, so layer these up to trap in as much warmth as possible.

Hot drinks

Ward off the winter chills with lots of warm drinks, cocoa, mulled cider, tea, coffee or my dad’s favourite a hot toddy.