Friday, 22 July 2016

Brightening the boys bedrooms

I want to give the boys room a bit of a refresh.  I have talked about getting rid of the bunk beds already but I have lots of other lovely plans too.  My eldest especially has quite a big room and I don’t think we currently show it off to its strengths.  Far too many empty walls for my liking, time to fill them with something more exciting.

When we have his ceiling removed and a new one added its going to cause chaos in there and we will have to re-decorate the whole room, sadly he will lose his much loved Sea Life mural in the process so I am coming up with suitable alternatives to keep him happy!  I just wish we had realised the ceiling was bowing before we decorated in the first place but you live and learn and it’s a chance to try something new in there.

I want to get some kids wall stickers and have been looking on tenstickers, which have such a comprehensive choice.  Wall stickers aren’t restricted to sweet cutesy images for a nursery they have plenty for older children too.  I have been looking at the LEGO brick ones as they are so colourful and they both love building models with their own LEGO.  They even have Star Wars Lego, which combines two things they adore!!!

I could go one step further and get a personalised wall sticker for them.  I am sure they would like to see their names on the wall!  I quite like the initial Super Hero Kids Sticker, fabulous for Superman fans or Superheroes in general!

Another one I like is the Paper Planes – its great you have so much flexibility with the colour choice, so it can fit in with whatever theme your working with.  You can even preview before ordering to make sure it will be suitable.

Children being children they can get fed up and want a change thankfully these wall stickers can be easily removed, so if they are suddenly passé about LEGO then they can swap for something more fitting without damaging the walls in the process. The gamers will like the Mario ones!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

5 Amazing Places in Sicily that You Must Visit with Your Children

In addition to the great artistic and cultural legacy that the island possesses, Sicily is also becoming a favourite holiday spot for families with children who want to explore the many natural reserves and experience the various nature-friendly activities available for both children and adults. Sicily really has everything to offer for everybody: from fun water parks or adventure parks with designed trails and courses for different age groups- where you can try your skills at rope-ladder aerobatics, tree climbing, obstacle running and more- aided by the trained expertise of professional guides (these include the Madonie Adventure Park, Etnavventura, Eco Campus Casaboli), relaxing sandy beaches with crystal blue waters, to right down simple beach fun with kites and water sports including canoeing, surfing, diving and snorkelling. For some real family fun, Etnaland is the most famous theme-based prehistoric amusement park in Sicily with various playgrounds, roller coasters and water-rides. Acqua-Park, Euro-Park Roccella, Aretusa Park, Parcallario are other popular locations where families- including locals- frequently gather with their kids. If you are planning your next holidays in Sicily, you could rent a charming accommodation for your holidays with children through top-rated sites like that provide wide collection of locations all over the island, including the Egadi and the Aeolians.

One of the most famous beaches in the Northwestern coast where tourists flock for sunbathing and water- sports is San Vito lo Capo near Castellammare del Golfo, which also holds annual kite-flying competitions as does the nearby island of Favignana where artistic home-made creations are also displayed on the beach during the festival. Take your kids on a boat ride around Taormina’s Isola Bella and visit the astounding and curious formations inside the caves and grottoes around the bay with their spectacular display of colour and diversity. Sunbathing, snorkeling and diving are other popular activities here.

If you want to complement fun and traditional folklore, then head to the Opera dei Pupi, a famous puppet theatre with locations in Syracuse, Palermo, Catania and Acireale where expert puppeteers make marionettes come to life onstage with their multi-generational family expertise. Educationally, these performances provide a history lesson and present a journey across the folklore of Sicily and its ancient heritage.

And for some more serious adventurous fun, a guided trekking tour of Mt. Etna is always an exciting experience for kids because it may be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to see up close and personal a real live volcano, and walk around the fuming craters on the summit. Add to that the breath-taking cable ride to the top from the Rifugio della Sapienza, and it will be something to tell their friends about and definitely an unforgettable memory that they will carry forever. If your kids fancy volcanoes, then a trip to the 7 volcanic Aeolian islands is worth the experience. Vulcano is famous for its black volcanic beach, its majestic lava fireworks displays, and for its ancient therapeutic Greco-Roman mud-baths that will be the joy of children as well as any mother interested in the cosmetic and beauty-enhancement methods used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Maped Helix Giveaway

I have teamed up with Maped Helix to provide a bright and colourful prize for the stationery lovers.  Helix was founded in 1887 but have come a long way since with lots of fun and exciting innovations that appeal to children and adults alike.

I have a £25 bundle for TWO lucky winners ideal for summer holiday entertainment, the bundle will include the Bunny Innovation, Flex Box Colouring Pencils, Color Peps Jungle Innovation, Aqua Colour Peps Water Coloured, Color Peps Duo Felt Tips and Color Peps Brush Felt Pens.

The Bunny Innovation is a rabbit shaped pencil sharpener, which looks fantastic with the novelty of moving teeth as you sharpen.  I had a very dull pencil sharpener as a child so I am very envious of this design!  My rabbit obsessed eldest will no doubt want one in his new pencil case when he heads back to school in September.

The Color Peps Jungle Innovation is a handy way to store your pens without worrying about losing lids ever again!  We all know how quickly a pen dries out when it loses its lid, so I think this is a helpful invention that will save a fortune on replacing colouring supplies!

I really like the Color Peps Duo Felt Tips as they take up less room as they provide double the colour with each pen!  They also seem to have a good range of colours so children can really express themselves through their drawings.

I think its great Maped Helix make colouring pens for children with ultra washable ink!  Very important as colouring sessions regularly extend to their hands and clothes and never seem restricted to just the paper! 

All of this is bound to keep your children happily occupied over the holidays, its lovely seeing children being creative and I think its important to provide the right stationery supplies to foster that.

If you would like to enter the competition please fill out the form below by the 21st of August.

Win a £25 Maped Helix Bundle (two winners)