Saturday, 29 August 2015

Our #wesofancydress Party

Summer holidays are sadly drawing to a close, so we were extra excited to throw in a quick fancy dress party just before it ended.  Mine do not go rummaging in their fancy dress box quite as much anymore, but having a whole new selection of outfits completely renewed their love of dressing up!  This pleased me no end, as I personally love the world of imagination they enter when they are dressed for action or adventure.  Plus the weather has been pretty lousy so it was great to have an enjoyable indoor activity to keep the children entertained, whilst the heavens opened!

We were sent the Where’s Wally, Tinkerbell, Ant-Man and Horrible Histories Gladiator fancy dress outfits from George so the boys and their friends could dress up and have some fun.  What impressed me was the quality of the costumes for the price; ours varied from £12.50 to £13.50 each but if we had been buying for younger children there were even cheaper options to pick from.

The children on the other hand were naturally drawn to other things.  Ant-Man enjoyed having a button to press on the light up detachable belt.  Where’s Wally? quite enjoyed having a hat and glasses to try on his pet dog.

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Tinkerbell enjoyed having the option to wear wings or take them off depending on her mood and my brave and valiant gladiator was pleased he had a shield to wave around theatrically.  It certainly kept them out of mischief for a few hours, meaning my friend and I could catch up and relax with a nice cuppa.

All in all it was a lovely little party, good friends getting together, nice food and outfits that inspired play.  It was funny watching the youngest children in particular improvise they added an elf hat and Christmas ear muffs to accessorize their costumes, that’s the fabulous thing about fancy dress you can sit back and see how creative they get with their outfits!!!

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Last Chance to Enter the Rummikub Online Championships

I played a lot of board games growing up and now we are continuing with that with our own children, my parents introduced us to Rummikub after they played it with friends.  They quickly bought the game, we followed suit and the one I was sent from the PR company has been left for the boys other set of grandparents to enjoy.  I really enjoy manipulating the numbers even though it can be frustrating at times when you are sat twiddling your thumbs praying you will get 30 points soon so you can join the actual game…

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Well if you are also a fan of Rummikub you can now sign up to the UK championships.  I do enjoy playing but I rarely win, but it does not stop me persevering and trying to clear all my tiles before my opponents manage to.  If you did want to sign up you simply join the Rummikub Online Championships and register by visiting, going on the Facebook page, Google Play or downloading the app.  But be quick the last heat takes place on the 29th of August.  It looks easy enough to do, but it did not seem to like Chrome, hubbie used Firefox.

The highest scoring eight UK finalists from the Online Championships will be invited to take part in the Rummikub UK Final taking place in September in central London.  The overall winner will be setting off on a free trip to Berlin with a luxury 3 nights stay in the Ritz hotel for a further exclusive Rummikub event attended by champions from all over the world. 

I think it’s worth trying your luck with a lovely prize on offer.  It’s such an addictive game, we never settle for one round we keep going and going.  Each of us desperate to have a winning round for ourselves, although hubbie seems the most talented Rummikub player in our household so he did give the Rummikub Online Championship a try.  I on the other hand am renowned for muddling up the board at times trying to be a bit too ambitious with my manipulating and then losing my train of thought!

Surviving on little sleep

It’s tough being a parent; children do not appear to be automatically programmed to sleep well, well mine never were anyway!  It would be great if at the end of an extremely long and tiring day you could switch them into shutdown mode until 7am the next day!  But then who ever said being a parent was going to be easy, it’s a long drawn out process of trial and error, early starts (for awhile 1am was actually considered a good wake up time!) and YEARS of minimal sleep.  Is it any wonder my blog was called Missing Sleep!

I have teamed up with the mattress company NaturalMat to give a little advice from them and myself about coping without enough sleep.  They suggest making the most of what little shuteye you have by investing in a decent mattress:

"Every moment spent in bed is precious and a good mattress can make all the difference to having a good nights sleep.  Naturalmat take care to ensure that all of their lovely organic and natural fillings are encased in a pure, unbleached natural cotton cover, treated with natural geranoil to banish bed bugs; keeping the mattress 100% chemical free, so both you and baby can sleep easy at night”

I think it’s important to act as a tag team, take as much support from your partner as you can.  Just because they have work the next day does not mean they need the lion’s share of the sleep, if you have a baby and a toddler to look after you will find your day just as challenging as any day in an office environment!  Least at work you usually get a proper allocated lunch break, cups of HOT tea and you can go to the toilet in peace… those are big privileges indeed when you are usually shadowed by your mini’s for everything you do during the day.

Try not to clock watch, there is nothing worse you finally get into bed see the time and internally despair.  You know if you do not go to sleep instantly then the next day will be a challenge to survive, yet you seem to hone in on the ticking clock watching that previous sleep time disappear!

Be gentle on yourself, if the standard of housework slips a bit and the washing piles up so be it!  If your children still nap use the time to rest yourself not manically rush around the house trying to complete a million and one things.  It might also help to have caffeinated drinks in supply, if you need a quick pick me up!

Most of all remember this time of your life will not last forever; mine generally sleep better now (apart from the odd nightmare or illness) so hang in there.