Wednesday, 27 August 2014

#WeirdestPlaceToSleep Competition

My sleeping habits are quite uniform, I usually can be found asleep in a bed!  I have on occasion fallen asleep on the floor but that’s about as daring as it gets.  The boys on the other hand have fallen asleep in a variety of places including their own dinner or the dogs basket. They used to play in their ball pit so often and tire themselves out they used to nod off in there too!

My hubbie fell asleep up a tree when he was 18, due to a lot of luck he did not fall out seeing as he had his beer goggles on!  He managed to balance himself up there for a three-hour power nap before his long walk home. 

He seems to have had quite a habit for sleeping in unusual places back then.  On another occasion he slept in a ditch full of spongy vegetation for an hour, only waking when the rain came, so I think my hubbie is a suitable candidate for this Carpetright competition about the weirdest sleeping place.  The competition is really easy to enter, just a quick tweet or facebook status and the prizes are lovely, so well worth entering. 

What furniture we own looks lost in our new place, so £700 to spend at Carpetright might mean we can make the place more comfortable.  The competition closes on the 3rd September so you have time to ask your friends and family if they have slept anywhere obscure or interesting if you are more conventional like me.  I should ask my brother he has led quite a life; I bet he has had some curious naps in his time…

As hubbie has got older he is not quite so flamboyant in his sleeping practices.  I think his body craves the comfort of a soft bed, I guess the novelty of sleeping in trees and ditches wears a bit thin when you have aching joints and a bad back!  But I guess at least he enjoyed some rock and roll sleeping habits for a little while anyway.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

#MyDen builders extraordinaire

My boys love making dens, hiding away and coming up with imaginary worlds.  They enjoy adding all their favourite things, soft toys and plenty of snacks for a quick indoor picnic.  It is a great activity when the weather is miserable outside, children can burn off some steam hunting around the house for suitable den building materials and then if your lucky they will be happily occupied inside reading, playing and eating.

They use blankets, their quilts and sleeping bags for a cosy roof and then usually chairs and their handy EZ-Fort to make a grand structure.  They always look so cute and happy together in a den that I think its something us parents should encourage.  I think tomorrow I might task them to build another, keeping them occupied this summer has been tough!

Philips have a wonderful competition running at the moment to share your den building pictures on their facebook page or twitter for the chance to win den building sets or fabulous Philips Disney Lights, just upload your photo's, drawings or video and use the hashtag #MyDen.  The lights are so cute, perfect to add to the dens your children are building.  Every child loves Disney and if they use enough blankets they might just need the extra light to see what they are doing!

Good luck with your entries.

Disney on Ice Tour

Disney on Ice is a truly magical performance, we went when the boys were younger and they still cherish the memories from 2011, you can read more about our experience here.  The costumes were fabulous, the music lively and the moves on the ice impressive!  It captured the boys attention from start to finish and my youngest was blowing kisses at Mickey pretty much the whole time!!!  He adored Mickey back then, so having the opportunity to buy tickets for such an event really made his day/week/year!!!

This year it is all about 100 Years of Magic, so it sounds like a chance to see even more fantastic characters than normal.  The line up sounds remarkable, bigger, bolder, brighter covering 100 years of Disney magic.  The trailer makes me want to return and do Disney on Ice all over again.

I think even more so knowing my lion mad youngest would be amazed to see Simba on stage.

As these events are on a huge scale you do need to make sure you book accommodation in a timely manner.  They have a big capacity at the venue and lots of people make a special effort to travel to see Disney on Ice, so if your planning on staying overnight you need to research your accommodation choices as soon as you purchase your Disney on Ice tickets.  Otherwise you may find the hotels most conveniently placed are fully booked.  Also booking well in advance you can often get cheaper rates!

Last time we went to a (non-blogging) event we stayed in the Crowne Plaza NEC Birmingham, hubbie was fortunate and won a facebook competition for tickets to the Gadget Show which also included an overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza.  It was in a great spot close to the NEC with good links into the city.  The Disney on Ice show is held in the National Indoor Arena so its handy having a location that can get you there quite easily.

Seeing as we have visited Birmingham heaps of times we would probably book tickets for somewhere different, I like the boys to have the opportunity to see other area's within the UK. Crowne Plaza Manchester Airport would be one possibility, the boys have been to Manchester once to the Trafford Centre but I know there is so much more for us to explore in that area.

The boys grandparents have just returned from a trip to Scotland full of praise for the country so i would not rule out even heading there.  I love Holiday Inn hotels especially as they are so child friendly, they are always very welcoming.  The boys have had free cookies and milk in one of the chain, so for us Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport would be a good match.

My only other tip is to try and avoid the expensive merchandise once your inside the Disney on Ice venue, it can soon tot up and get quite expensive, if your children wants a toy, a t-shirt and a balloon, alongside a big bucket of popcorn and a slush you can pretty much say goodbye to the contents of your wallet!  If you can just usher your child quickly into the seated area and skip the stands all the better...

To everyone planning on attending you are in for an amazing treat!