Thursday, 24 July 2014

Becoming a Parent

When you are first passed your amazing newborn you feel a rush of emotions, from joy and wonderment to worry about how you will look after such a fragile baby and be the best parent you possibly can.  Unfortunately when they pop out they do not come complete with an instruction manual so it’s a bit of guesswork, with advice off suitable people and trial and error really.  You soon learn what helps settle your baby and muddle along quite well.  With each day you feel a bit more confident in your ability to meet the needs of your child.

But depending on how the birth went you might also need to take extra time to recover and rest.  My first birth was particularly difficult and I struggled to do simple tasks for a week afterwards.  The second time round I pretty much bounced back; it was an all round easier experience.  For my first child I think I could have benefited from a little extra support whilst I recuperated.  

My poor hubbie was left with the new baby minus me whilst I went into an operation theatre to be put back together and then he did everything for the first week until I healed up.  Looking back it would have been lovely to have a maternity nurse for a few days just whilst we all got ourselves sorted, but again I had my hubbie and he was my rock!  

For those without family or friends close by or raising a child single handed someone to do the extra jobs whilst you find your feet would be a blessing.  It’s not really surprising that post-natal depression is so common supposedly affecting one in ten mums, with becoming a parent being such an adjustment.

Maternity nurses can help with establishing routines and supporting breastfeeding.  I wish I had managed to breastfeed successfully, the first time we had unidentified tongue tie so that set us back, by the time it was discovered I had sadly given up because of the pain.  Having an experienced nurse to myself I am sure they would have identified that sooner.  I have no plans for number 3 but if my brother ever made me a proud Aunty I would certainly look at Nursing Personnel and possibly gift him a maternity nurse.  I think it would be a bigger shock for him as he is used to his bachelor lifestyle!!!  It was a big enough shock for me and I was relatively prepared to become a mum, I certainly read enough books anyway!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

LEGO Summer Delivery

My boys were keen to get stuck into the latest box outside in the summer sun.  It is a great activity outdoors, I want them to get as much fresh air as possible when its decent weather (it is after all a very long winter!).

The boys had plenty of space to spread out and work on different build projects.  Youngest who is now 5 took more of an interest making his own this time round, usually he is on part collection duty for eldest, so it was lovely seeing him take a more active role with LEGO.  Although with wonderful ranges like these its no surprise really he wanted to be involved.

We had lots of fun in particular with the new Ultra Agents product range.  Our tough agent, Max Burns even found time to woo the ladies and show a more sensitive side.  But when you’re used to surviving adventures like being trapped inside a hungry dinosaurs mouth and then escaping valiantly all limbs intact just covered in excess dino drool, you want to make the most of the more ordinary moments!

Such as giving a bouquet of flowers to your lovely lady, although I am not sure if he will be so keen on her when he realizes she is a actually super friendly with one of the Turtles!!! Karai speeding along on her motorbike caught our ultra agents eye and he thinks with a big enough bunch of flowers he can convince her to put her action packed days behind her and stay at home cooking him meals... given her unimpressed face I think he will be in for disappointment.

If you can bare to put the LEGO down you can also have a try of the Ultra Agents free app and unlock secret missions and other content.  Everyone loves a hero and these dashing Ultra Agents fit the bill perfectly!  The best thing about LEGO is whatever ranges you have they all compliment each other and the only limit is the borders of your child's imagination, so let them go fourth and have the freedom to create LEGO adventures of their choosing.

Raising Awareness About Beauty Burns

I am not a very girly girl, so my straighteners mainly stay in my drawer out of sight, along with make up and all the other trimmings I should use to make myself more presentable but never find the time to do!

On the very rare occasion I do straighten my hair it would be when the boys are already tucked up in bed.  But I know lots of people use them in the mornings or during the day when their children are up and about.  I never realised that straighteners actually take up to 40 minutes to cool down, so in that time left unattended they are a real danger to young inquisitive children.

Children are particularly vulnerable to burns because their skin is up to 15 times thinner than adults something I have only just learnt from the article on the Electrical Safety First website and given that hair straighteners can reach temperatures of over 220°C its vitally important to remain vigilant.

Sadly one in ten burns for children are a result of hair straighteners; so if you really do need to use them make sure you leave them adequate time to cool down in a suitably safe place to protect curious hands from harm.  You can buy special heatproof pouches to contain the straighteners after use.  I admittedly do not have one, but I think they are a clever idea and a worthwhile buy if you use straighteners with any regularity.    ghd have a gorgeous one on their website, so being safe can also make you super stylish!

I have accidentally burnt myself just straightening my hair and getting the hot plate too close to my hand.  It really did hurt, so I am glad to promote this campaign to hopefully prevent children stumbling upon unattended straighteners and doing even more damage.  Lets pass on the message, as it’s easy enough to change our habits to reduce burns from electrical beauty products.

You can also watch their video with a doll and crying in the background because the doll has been badly burnt.  I am not the best with dolls so I have not embedded it, but watching it does bring home the risks of beauty burns.  Electrical Safety First certainly know how best to make you realise the importance of sensible precautions when using electrical appliances.