Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Steaming through the cleaning

It’s hard juggling everything in this home; the washing pile builds up, the boys trash their playroom and the toys spill out around the rest of the house. Just putting everything in to some kind of order exhausts me before I even start to get to the actual cleaning part! I need something effective and fast as my energy is pretty much depleted when I finally see the floor.

I am not a fan of mops and water; hubbie seems to leave them half-filled for ages after in the middle of a room (like a trip hazard!). We have a steam cleaner now and it’s so much easier to clean each room. The bathroom and kitchen floors were neglected until we got the right equipment, now it’s (almost) a pleasure to get round each room and see the floor gleaming hygienically. It’s even more important if your children were at the crawling stage as these things kill 99.9% of bacteria. Heaven forbid what germs they would pick up otherwise. 

The best bit about steam cleaners like ones from karcher uk is you have no need for additional chemicals. I think this will benefit the whole family, especially my son and myself who are asthmatic and have more allergies than most. Plus steam is ideal for tackling dust mites, which is a real problem for the pair of us, as their droppings can make our asthma flair up.

I think having a steam cleaner has become even more essential since getting our new puppy and tackling the dreaded toilet training, which can unfortunately be an unpleasant business! We are currently stepping over wee puddles and the odd stinky poo even with a good routine of regular trips outside. Summer is eleven weeks now, so I hope she gets the hang of it soon, but until then thank heaven for our steam cleaner that can tackle the floors after the initial messy clean up! It’s a good thing she is so cute really!

This post by the NHS made interesting reading; if surfaces are left damp any remaining germs will survive. I always thought a wet surface at least looked clean, how wrong was I! So another reason a steam cleaner is useful is because it does not leave a wet trail like you get from mopping.

Having read that one bacterium can multiply to six million in eight hours, I think I better up the game when it comes to cleaning everything! Next step is to confront the textiles and finally rid us of those pesky dust mites! That might sound a little sad, but seriously now I am thinking of all those germs, having a quality product to get rid of them helps me sleep better at night!

Lite Brix Review

This is the first time we have encountered Lite Brix and I must say we were all quite impressed.  Construction is more fun when you can light it up afterwards.  It is more of a novelty than your regular construction bricks and kept the boys entertained for longer.  The range includes racing cars, a helicopter and lots of lite up figures.

It was quite exciting being sent the Lite Wars Slayer Jet V’s Capt. Bolt’s Bunker so we could see how it all worked and realise what we have been missing.  The container holding the batteries is incorporated into the build project and it’s not really that noticeable under the jet.  The light element would look great of an evening when its all dark but even in the day its quite bright.

Both the figures had a little light too which you can turn on and off.  It certainly made them more interesting.  Youngest was asking the figure questions about his spaceship and he would answer yes by him turning on his light!  I love seeing their imaginations in overdrive coming up with ideas.

My eldest at 7 had no trouble following the instructions to build the jet and the little bunker.  It is quite self-explanatory but the end result looks pretty impressive, so eldest felt proud he built it.

It is a set aimed at children 6+ and certainly appealed to my two boys.  I think this might just be the start of a whole new collection in our house.  We are now converted to Lite Brix!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Every Girl Loves the Sales

I always love a bargain, feeling like I have bought something at a good price and not wasted any of the family finances unnecessarily.  Times are tough so I am always shopping around to get the top deals.  I think Love Sales is a fantastic concept, a site dedicated to highlight the best sales offers across big brands all on one easy to navigate place.

It’s getting closer to Christmas so you can make some decent savings if you only choose products with reductions and in the process look very generous with presents that appear much more expensive than you actually paid!  When you register you can add different brands to your account so you get notified when they have sales, so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd and stock up before they sell out.

Normally we do not bother getting each other Christmas presents (just a token gift from the boys), but at prices like this it’s hard not to get carried away!  I think my shopping with begin in earnest now.

Here are my favourite deals at the moment:

Nerf Rhino Strike Blaster available from Argos, now £59.99 reduced from £99.99!  A fabulous main Christmas present for my boys I think.

I like this shirt from the House of Fraser section priced at £45.00 (was £65.00) for hubbie.  I know he would love to extend his wardrobe; his is as sparse as mine so when we have the rare night out we always have to wear the same old tops!

But the one item catching my eye the most is these gorgeous shoes!  I wonder if I can work on hubbie and convince him this year to indulge me.  They are cheaper than normal at £62 anyway (usually £125.00)!  

We are big Amazon shoppers its just so convenient living here in the sticks away from the shops, so I will be keeping a keen eye on their page as it lists the dates of all the forthcoming Amazon sales.  Hubbie might just need to hide his credit card... poor man!