Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dating Minefields

Dating isn’t tricky at university you are surrounded by an ample choice of guys and girls to sweep you off your feet even if it’s only fleetingly.  You meet, you fall in “love”, you might stay in love or you might not.  Its not like your choice is limited, you might meet someone in your digs or on your course, in the pub or nightclub or in one of the many activities you joined up in Freshers Week.

Life with my university guy was not all smooth sailing, we were both young and there were lots of other distractions.  We lasted as far as booking our wedding before it all fell apart.  Both of us tried to hang on to it for the wrong reasons but eventually we managed to accept that enough was enough.  Since we had got together at 18 we had changed, our priorities were different.  He was still stuck in the rut of drinking and being with his mates and I wanted a bit more from life.  I wouldn’t even say it was children, but something was missing.  I felt I was nudging him towards the alter rather than him making the way completely willingly.

After that I had the rebound guys the ones that filled a gap briefly and even tried speed dating before finding “the one” well the one to actually get to the alter with this time!

Our relationship was fast tracked - too long wasted on my previous relationship so I think I felt I had to move quicker this time round.   Engaged, married and pregnant within six months, we were still in the heady over the moon in love stage, luckily we still seem to be doing okay almost 10 years on.

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But I know lots of relationships that flounder, some days we are barely hanging on, exhausted from parenting or just disagreeing on how things should be done.  It’s a complicated balance staying happy in a relationship and everyday is not always a good one, but overall we are a family unit that are there for each other.

As you get older though it must be harder to find the one, the pool to pick from must be smaller as many more people have paired off together leaving less choice, some might have loved and lost and not want to re-enter the dating world, others might want to but not know where to start.  I like having someone in my life though, to have my back and would always want my husband to have the same if heaven forbid anything happened to me.  If he wanted to go down the avenue of mature dating (as long as he gave it a year grace) he would have my blessing – yes a big fan of the film PS. I Love You here I would understand eventually the need to move on, as long as the person was good with the kids.

Looking at the website it does appear quite tasteful, I guess its good that there is ways for older people to connect with each other.  Life can pass you by so it’s worth holding out for your knight in shining armour to sweep you off your feet, some people just take longer than others to find them.  I am looking forward to growing old and grey with my one.

Introducing the Riverford Veg Fund #competition

Riverford have started a wonderful initiative helping make it easier to raise funds for your children’s school.  Lets be honest parents are always digging out a tombola or raffle prize, baking up a batch of cakes or volunteering their help to man a stand of some kind to help with the school coffers.  But now it’s even simpler to do your bit just by encouraging your school to sign up to the Riverford Veg Fund – much better than dusting off unwanted Christmas presents and then seeing them constantly doing the rounds from one raffle to the next…

Once the school is registered its just a matter of getting the word out there, sadly Riverford do not deliver to my area at the moment otherwise I would be busy coaxing all the parents to order tasty Riverford veg boxes.  Not only is it a clever fundraising idea it really helps everyone in the family have a healthier lifestyle and hopefully try new vegetables.  If you’re an existing customer Riverford will still kindly donate so you see it would be silly not to get involved, you are actively fundraising just by continuing to do what you normally would.

Once a parent has ordered three times £15 will be donated to the school so if you can encourage enough parents to join it will have a big impact on the quality of your child’s learning through better supplies and materials to educational trips for them to enjoy.  

Riverford are very supportive in helping you raise awareness once you have registered, they have supplementary information and raffle prizes available that you can use to convince other parents what a sensible idea it is to order from Riverford, after all its convenient, organic and very reasonably priced.  I really do think it’s a great idea.

To celebrate the arrival of the Riverford Veg Fund I have a large fruit and veg box to giveaway (please check they deliver to your area before entering).  If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 26th of October.

Win a Riverford large fruit & veg box

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Introducing Fade Away (and a good nights sleep!)

One of the hardest parts of becoming a parent is living through the sleep deprivation, it is such a challenge getting through the day on the bare minimum.  Long gone are the restorative nine hour stretches (or longer at weekends!) from your pre-kid days, our boys as babies would wake up numerous times and want to be settled back to sleep.

You only had a small window of opportunity to achieve this successfully or they would be WIDE awake and ready to start the day any time from around 1 am - seriously I would look outside and see what houses had lights on and wonder what other parents were up and pacing the floors trying to get their babies off to sleep.  Usually most lights would be out and I would be envious of everyone getting a proper nights sleep whilst I literally begged my little ones to re-join the land of nod.

I think that's why I really love the whole concept of Fade Away as their baby sleep sounds albums have been specially designed to make your life as a parent much easier and more enjoyable (let's be honest a rested parent is a happier parent!).  You now have access to all the sounds that you might have found worked with settling your child but with the added convenience of not having to start vacuuming or putting on the washing machine! The last thing you want to do at 1 am is the household chores.

Hopefully using albums like these mean the next day you can wake up with a spring in your step rather than relying on extra strong coffee to survive.  Sounds for Sleeping can also transform nap-time, often I would spend longer coaxing youngest to sleep than they actually napped for,  It was very frustrating especially with a second child needing my attention.

You can listen to little clips of the sounds and perhaps see which works best with your child, but the albums are very affordable so worth buying a few because you cannot put a price on getting a good nights sleep!  Kevin Hale the founder of the company witnessed the benefits of white noise with his own two children, he was either found running water or using the hair dryer just to settle them - as a result it made sense for those sounds to be professionally recorded so all parents could benefit.

Our babies have come from the womb which is surprisingly loud, babies are used to a level of noise and they find it comforting so I will definitely be letting all my mummy friends know about Fade Away.  The site is not limited to babies alone, the nature sounds can work well for adults.  I will have to let my mum know as her sleeping habits are dreadful at the moment and getting sleep is so fundamental to our well being.