Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ben 10 Alien Crash Vehicle Review

Loved by Parents kindly sent me a Ben 10 Alien Crash Vehicle to review. My eldest quickly put it through its paces.

First impressions when he saw the box:

“It’s on the telly, super great, fantastic, really fun toy”

High praise indeed!

Out of the box we found it to be quite sturdy and lightweight, which pleased me no end as I am fed up of poorly made fiddly toys.  I was surprised that the Ben or Kevin to go inside the car was just a head of the character, so not playable on their own.  However he said “funny only a head” and quite liked it that way!

With some trial and error he managed to build the car on his own much to his satisfaction and it gave him great confidence.  It is aged as a 4+ toy and I think that is pitched to their level well.  He really loved the crash action feature whereby when you drive the car into a hard surface it will fall apart dramatically.  Youngest aged 2 and a half was also a fan of this feature but he could not build the car himself.

I think this toy has a lot of playability; children have the enjoyment of building the car and then the fun of crashing it!  It retails at £12.99, which is as far as my sons and myself are concerned worth every penny.

We would score this toy 4/5

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