Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pass the sick bucket please…

Our two boys do not travel well, most trips out require us to take a wardrobe worth of changes of clothes, a collection of various containers and more baby wipes than you can shake a stick at.  So as a result of this I have decided to face the problem head on and took advice off my many mummy friends to at least try and save the crick in my neck from turning around so much passing the bucket!

Armed with pressure point bands, TRAVELeeze chewy pastilles and boys attired in just t-shirts (one mum said keeping them cool will help!) we set off on our epic journey.  Journey there youngest was poorly twice, eldest was fine.  Journey back no sickness!  This might not seem like a great result but baring in mind youngest used to be sick just driving literally round the block overall we are quite pleased!  I think the journey there would have also been improved if the youngest had eaten less for breakfast!  Cereal, apple, toast, fruit hearts might have been abit of a stretch of the concept of a simple meal before travelling.

Would love to hear any other advice anyone can suggest to help.


  1. have you tried sea bands? we used them for the first time going down to Devon at half term..and no sickness from kids & they even managed to read & play DS's...I even managed to tweet with mine on. I also find that if we're leaving in the morning I don't allow them to have cereal & milk, just toast or digestive biscuits, and only drinks when then have plenty in their stomach - that seems to really help. We also take nappy sacks to line the bucket for quick & easy clean ups!
    Can you tell we've had lots of sickness!

  2. Hi Helen, yes they were the sea bands, loved the camo green ones, made the boys look quite trendy too haha! Am impressed yours managed to read and go on the DS, not sure I am at that stage yet! But will try just toast and digestive biscuits and let you know if that improves the situation! Thanks for the tips :) x

  3. Umfortunately our little angels take after their GrandDad (me) I still get travel sick now. The only way I dont get sick is by doing the driving myself but guess Ethan and Josh are too young hehehehe Imagine Ethan behind the wheel?

  4. Some-one has been really naughty and sent a Christmas present too us Thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much !!!

    We Love You All So Much!!
    Dad and Bunnyxxxx

  5. Oh dear, I would suggest the sea-bands. I have sent you a tweet about a set I can send you.