Saturday, 17 December 2011

Another day another fundraiser…

The other day we visited the local care home for the elderly for their annual Christmas fundraiser.  I was slightly hesitant after the previous year when my youngest on having a lovely greeting from one of the residents blew a particularly wet raspberry in her face… I was very apologetic understandably

This time I thought well he is another year older I will brace myself for a return visit.  All went well, no raspberries… but then he decided he wanted his face painted.  Moments later as a fearsome tiger rrrraaaaahing the residents loudly, one poor lady jumped out of her seat!

I must admit I did keep a close eye on her for the rest of our visit just incase!  I was very pleased to see her unscathed from the incident. 

Now I wonder should I go back next year or give the poor residents a break?


  1. Great pics! The title of your blog could be the soundtrack to my life at the moment. I feel like I'm going on fumes at the moment. How to you manage? I'm a new follower of your blog and look foward to reading your posts.

  2. He looks great as a tiger. Mine managed to ignore Father Christmas then pulled most of his grotto down! Cringe :D

  3. MsXpat am now following Tiger Tales, your posts are more meaty than mine but very easy to digest! So shall enjoy them! Venice looks lovely! x

  4. haha Kate your comment made me laugh! I think our kids need to go to some kind of boot camp, can we go to a spa in the meantime! x