Friday, 2 December 2011


Am fed up of catching colds, have my head over a bowl of steaming water so hot I think I have scorched my face!  I am drinking hot Vimto like it’s going out of fashion and necking honey in a manner even Winnie the Pooh would be proud of.

I contemplated going to the doctors but as an asthmatic last time I did I was laden up with so many tablets I actually rattled, so I am going to fight this head on with the power of the internet and my mummy friends.

Generally rest is suggested, well with two young boys with enough energy to power a nuclear reactor that option is null and void.  But perhaps if I play hide and sleep with them and find a very difficult place (perhaps the loft!), I could close my eyes and remain tucked in a blanket for a few minutes…

Apparently there is also a right way to blow your nose… involving one finger covering a nostril and blowing gently, washing hands is recommended afterwards.  Charming I know!  I have definitely got the wrong technique but least mine can be used in public.

According to one mum I need to be dosing myself in Echinacea which will help make more friendly white blood cells to take these pesky bacteria down.  Let the battle commence!

I have another article on my blog with tips to keep warm this winter, so make sure you don't leave the house without a hat, scarf and your winter boots!

Finally I need to be stocked up with wholesome fruits and vegetables, which we usually are but I always make sure the boys have their quota and somehow neglect myself in the process.

I shall wage war on these germs!  Missing Sleep 1, Germs 0

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