Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Can’t cook…

Reading all the lovely blog posts from those that can cook has put me to shame…

I have a brand new slow cooker and bread maker both two years old now and still waiting for their first use, looking sad and dejected in the cupboard.

I even won a recipe book for telling Take a Break’s My Favourite Recipes about my hopeless experience of cooking sausages at University.  After putting holes in said sausages I cooked them but left the knife in there too, plastic sausages from the melted handle were the end result.  When on a student budget it was heart-breaking going back to super noodles for tea AGAIN!

Anyone want a friendly wager that next year the bread maker will make it out of its box!?!  Will the recipe book I won ever be utilised?!? Or will it become another prize for my blog…

I am determined, so lets get those pesky new years resolutions underway:

I shall be a better cook and get driving again (see here).


  1. Ah get your slow cooker out. I use mine all the time, it's the epitome of easy (and lazy) cooking. Stick it all in, bit of water, whack it on, forget about it til dinner. WINNER!

  2. If you aren't going to use your slow cooker, I'll buy it off you if it's big enough - mine's stopped working! :)

  3. haha Steph I will follow your suggestion and hope everyone survives the experience! Thanks Caroline but am going to suprise everyone and start making culinary delights ;) x