Thursday, 15 December 2011

Eyes down

I think I have found a new pulse racing pastime, forget my tombola addiction (see here).

Bingo is my new compulsion.  I was lost with the lingo, looking blank at the rhyming numbers being called.  For ages I was trying to figure out why clear the door was 21, very puzzled I turned to my mummy friends who enlightened me to the fact the caller was actually saying “key in the door”…

Game play stopped at one point because I asked hubbie are we going for a line or house and he in a rather loud voice replied “LINE”.  Everyone turns, much congratulations, I am blushing trying to explain no just seeing what I needed to get.

Perhaps I have a gambling problem… because despite being a bit clueless and winning men’s aftershave that could strip paint it has not deterred me and I am relishing the next opportunity to play again.

The night was a great success and a considerable amount was raised for the school.  Hubbies cakes were well received and I even enjoyed a sneaky glass of wine (heavily diluted with Lemonade but I have always been a lightweight!).

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