Monday, 19 December 2011

The life of a cat…

One of my cats does not so much as eat his dinner out of the bowl as grabs his paw and hurls cat meat out then hunts it across the floor; I just trod in a lump (luckily I was wearing shoes this time!).

He is often found stretched luxuriously across my laptop enjoying its heat whilst I try desperately to see the screen.

He basks in attention until he is fed up and a quick claw to the hand is your announcement of the fact!

The other day he managed to smash a cup when he was lingering on the worktops. He did not even have the decency to look sheepish, like a pet dog would; no he just swished past me “talk to the tail”.

The boys love them both, even though our other cat has recently decided he prefers to live outside and will only grace us with his presence for food! As much as I coax him from the doorway looking cat friendly and homely he is having none of it! He is enjoying his freedom after leaving the confines of the rescue centre.

I can see why people say the cat owns them instead of the other way round!

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