Saturday, 10 December 2011

My favourite Christmas song

It used to be “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” but having thought realistically I have enough problems with it being once a year so I can no longer consider this a contender.

I must confess since leaving university unfortunately I am not such an avid listener of music, in my spare time I prefer to read and now I am blogging remind me what is spare time again?!?… So I cheated and looked up Christmas songs on YouTube to jog my memory!  Too many dust bunnies have taken residence lately…

After much deliberation I am going to pick “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” - Dean Martin.  I do love a good classic (I await a good ribbing for not liking something more rock and roll from @The_Last_Slayer!).


  1. No ribbing from me. This is a classic and he has a voice like velvet!

  2. Phew! I thought it would be touch and go lol x

  3. I have just downloaded the new Michael Buble Christmas Album - it is so nice and mellow ahhhh!