Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nice relaxing bike ride

Or so we thought but we were sadly mistaken…

We past lots of contented couples holding hands walking leisurely down the promenade.  Whilst we coaxed and encouraged our soon to be reluctant young bike riders, who got bored after 5 minutes and left hubbie lugging both bikes…

Well I guess as a family we do want to get fit so that probably counted as a strenuous weight bearing exercise for hubbie.  I on the other hand had the pleasure of carrying the youngest on my shoulders.  Least we burnt off some calories for the grand opening of the next tin of chocolates…

I must admit hubbie and I were quite envious when a young girl whizzed past on an electric scooter.  Her mum looking suitably relaxed!


  1. We ALWAYS end up with the bikes too LMAO!!!

  2. Sophie rode two and a half miles yesterday. Not bad for a three year old :)