Friday, 30 December 2011

Oh no he’s not…

Yesterday we also squeezed in a trip to see a pantomime another prerequisite of the festive season.  We watched an amateur dramatics performance of Sleeping Beauty.  It kept us all quite entertained with all the shouting “he’s behind you!” and youngest was ecstatic that a dragon featured in the script (he made a point of hugging the child that played that part at the end!)

Plus I enjoyed watching the bad fairy; I think I must have something for guys with heavily white powered faces and eyeliner…

At one point a bike wheel went flying into the audience in the front row, it was not intentional it was meant to skid along the stage… then later the King’s slipper went flying from behind us and clouted my eldest son on the head!  I was starting to worry if we would all survive till the end of the show!

With every round of applause the youngest asked, “Is it finished yet?” I don’t think it helped I was plying them with chewy colourful sweets to keep them sat serenely, by the end all that sugar was screaming let us run around now mummy!

Am tempted to sign my eldest son up to auditions next year, am not sure if its because I would like to develop his acting ability or because I think being on stage seemed a lot safer than sitting in the audience!!!


  1. LOL How funny. I've yet to attend a pantomime, but I've waited this long I'll wait until my son is older and we can go together.

  2. Haha, that sounds hilarious! It's always touch and go with these things (whether the children will be able to stay seated for that long!)

    Thanks for the follow.


  3. He was a very good bad fairy - we all enjoyed lots of booing and hissing every time he appeared on stage :)

  4. Haha! Sounds like fun! Cant wait till my youngest is older and we can take a family trip to the panto! :)