Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Poor hubbie

One of my favourite past times is volunteering my hubbies services to a variety of local causes.  Baking, fixing laptops, making flat pack furniture, assembling sheds… he is the man for the job, even if the job recommends more than one person he is there making giant wardrobes on his own!  Not quite sure how he does it without crushing himself but the end result is always impressive.

Last night I had him on epic cake making duty for a school fundraiser; he made a batch of rocky road bars and 50 odd fairy cakes.  I in the meantime watched over the process and took the credit as a member of the friends of the school committee!  I did some token sprinkling of hundreds and thousands to make a contribution haha.

Hubbie on the other hand told people at work what he did with his evening “I baked cakes until my eyes bled!”

Bless maybe I do work him a little too hard!


  1. Is your hubbie secretly superman? And can he come and bake some cakes for me?

  2. haha I would send him with pleasure but like any superhero he has a weakness if you put the computer game world of warcraft near him, he is instantly immobilized and does not follow my commands... sigh! lol x

  3. Anji Conroy was a hardcore Langridge15 December 2011 at 18:07

    Those Langridges have good genes you know :)'

  4. Ur a lucky lady. My Hubby does more than his fair share of housework and childcare but there's no way U can get him to cook, bake or do DIY. One question, do you have a fridge specifically for baking??? :D

  5. lol it does look that way, but our food is squished tightly into the bottom drawers! That and we are in desperate need of a decent foodshop! x

  6. They were delicious - I tried to eat as many as possible :)