Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I actually passed my driving test six years ago, but have not really driven since.  Passing my test on the fourth attempt was such a huge achievement, given how badly I started out.  Back when I was 17 my first two tests involved the letter D (for dangerous driving) far too many times… I actually gave up with the process for 10 long years.

I think I am still traumatised by my early experience, I recall vaguely driving over a roundabout (to be fair it was at least a painted one and not a hump in the middle of the road!), possibly breaking the speed limit and trying to go through a red light.

But at the mature age of 27 I was better positioned.  My brother passed at 17 no problems but then I also took an age to learn to ride a bike.  Obviously my mum did not refine my motor skills when I was younger…

Now we finally have a car, not unlike Peppa Pig’s shiny red one, it seems silly to embark on trips outside in torrential rain by foot… the boys and I got drenched yesterday after attending a birthday party.  Soaked through on the long walk home! 

Next year I will be driving our little red car.


  1. I hope they don't have hills round your way like the ones in Peppa Pig eeekkkkkk! ;)