Thursday, 8 December 2011

Writing to Santa

By some backward reasoning I actually chose my boys Christmas presents throughout the year (taking advantage of various sales) then today in the process of writing to Santa, I tried to align what they wanted with what I had bought!

Youngest worked like a treat, anything I hinted at he nodded in delight with a happy sparkle in his eye.  Eldest was another story entirely.  He was most particular about what Santa would bring, I was not allowed to keep it vague.  However I guess I got off fairly lightly with it only costing an extra £50, but next year I might not be so lucky…

In 2012 I will start my Christmas shopping AFTER we have wrote to Santa.  Although hopefully that doesn’t result in a future blog post “Everything out of stock or only available at inflated prices help!”


  1. There is a lovely website called portable North Pole that does a little "naughty or nice" video that it emails to you - your child's face appears in Santa's book and you can include little personal details too & photos of holidays etc. Also you can include (it's optional) an idea of what you are hoping Santa will bring! Very sweet!

  2. Thank you for the fab suggestion, we made some for the boys and they were very well received :) x