Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I would like to introduce you to a website I am particularly fond of, who’s owner also happens to be my boys godmummy and an all round good egg!

DaisychainBaby is a website specialising in eco friendly clothing for children aged 0-5. But my friend has such a strong constitution and a knack of getting up at an ungodly hour she can also be found parading her wares most weekends around a number of worthy markets in her area.

I have purchased a number of items from and have never been disappointed. They wash well and really go the distance withstanding whatever my two mucky pups throw at them, which is nothing short of a full on siege!!! As I am sure any of my mummy friends would testify.

My favourite purchase were the Green Radicals tiger jackets, the amount of positive comments I had about them were amazing. I have had them coming close to a year now and they hardly show any sign of wear, whereas cheaper alternatives I have bought seem to be popping up with mystery little holes in them here, there, and everywhere! The jackets were so nice; the boys did not even show disappointment at getting an item of clothes for Christmas, no sighs of “that’s BORING mummy!” – which says it all really!

Here is a picture of my eldest looking so dapper in his Green Radicals giraffe jacket having managed to secure himself a dance at a wedding we attended.

You really do need to keep an eye on the website as the popular items are snapped up quickly! Alas there would appear to be no more tiger jackets but on the other hand the Little Shrimp green hoodie is looking particularly tempting…

Well my fabulous friend has donated a prize to a follower of my blog. Details of how to enter will be posted tomorrow so watch this space!  We have also reviewed the cute kids tights from DaisychainBaby.

Sadly DaisychainBaby has now come to a natural end as the boys godmummy has moved on to pastures new and started up her own blog!

Importance of community

A while ago I read an article in the Times about how to raise happy children. One of the suggestions was to be community minded, as helping others can make us happy. Well my two boys have been dragged to many a local charity fundraiser and sponsored walk since being knee high to a grasshopper.

But nowhere did the article talk about the collateral damage of said community events; here is a list of mine:

1. I have developed a tombola addiction, even when the prizes look like the ones recycled from events of years gone by. I can feel my heart race and check with anticipation for the numbers 0 or 5. As do my lovely boys who I am sure it comes with no coincidence recognised those two numbers earlier than the rest they learnt!

2. My last cake stall purchase looked absolutely delicious, one bite and the soft sponge crunched between my teeth. Further investigation revealed lots of eggshells. Am hoping this experience does not extinguish my love of cake. Scrap that I had cake for my play date pudding yesterday – phew! I do however think I will approach random cake stalls in future with a degree of hesitation though, scared of my memory of the crunchy cake.

3. The need to take out a second mortgage to cover all the mandatory purchases from the entrance fee, tombola, cake stall, raffle, lucky dip, guess the name of the teddy bear etc…

4. Being roped into interesting fancy dress ideas by other mummy friends. I looked particularly ridiculous as one of the seven dwarfs complete with ill-fitting top and cushion stuffed in!

Despite all of this I would not change a thing, after all my boys happiness depends upon it!!!  

More recently I have hosted a few kids bingo events, using my lovely PR contacts to supply wonderful prizes that people will actually want to win (not the type of prizes that keep being passed from fundraiser to fundraiser!), but what I have realised is that you can't please everyone, even when you give up your time to help the community it can backfire as people get grumpy if they don't win what they want!  So being community minded isn't always making me happy... bah bumbug indeed.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Orchard Toys Shopping Trolley Jigsaw Review

If you have not had the pleasure of an Izziwizzi Kids play fest party, hop over to facebook and make sure you join in on the next one ( The play fest is a great opportunity to take part in reviewing toys, watching informative video reviews (helpful for picking the right presents for your children) and having a jolly good chat about toys in general.  I used to like taking part but now I enjoy being contacted directly by toy companies and reviewing them on my website.  Izziwizzi Kids was a great middleman until so many people started blogging for themselves.

My lucky son, the jigsaw fanatic, was picked to review the Orchard Toys Shopping Trolley jigsaw. We still like jigsaws now but have navigated on to more challenging sets.

Here is his video review:

You can read more of my Orchard Toys reviews by clicking the links, Wild World Lotto, Rhyme Robber and Rocket Game.

Orchard Toys used to be a firm favourite here and looking back at these reviews I feel sad the kids have grown in the blink of an eye!  But as first games to introduce your children too you can't beat Orchard Toys and for us they hold so many wonderful memories.

Disney on Ice

Almost a month ago we went to see Disney on Ice in the NIA in Birmingham. It was an amazing experience and one I cannot recommend highly enough. My youngest was happy to see Mickey Mouse (he even blew me a kiss he keeps saying!) and the eldest to see Lightning McQueen and the Toy Story gang. Hubbie and I were also kept happily entertained; the talent of the ice skaters was simply spectacular.

We bought one of the cheapest tickets at £18 each and you would not have thought it as our seats had a great view and were very central. So we settled down and watched the all singing, dancing extravaganza! My boys stayed focused and engaged the whole time, which is quite a feat! Even the addition of TinkerBell did not offend the eldest as that section was balanced with plenty of boy fairies that kept him happy!

I would say be careful with the stall holders because before you know it you have bought in our case an epic sized popcorn (enough to feed three families!), 2 x slush in friendly alien heads, giant balloons and a selection of toys… perhaps blindfold the kids until you have run the gauntlet of stalls! I think we spent almost as much on extras as we did on the tickets! But we could have skirted round the stalls if we had been quicker!  The boys don't miss a trick though so were keen to see what they could have.

My only other piece of advice is if you do happen to buy the slush alien heads, be warned that they are basically a clump of ice and whilst chipping away at it my youngest was sending small shards of ice onto the people in front of us! Luckily they were a sympathetic bunch and did not seem to mind!

Our boys keep talking about their visit; whenever they see any of the characters on television they say in chorus I saw them in Disney on Ice. If you haven’t been already book yourself tickets for Disney on Ice next year.

Monday, 28 November 2011

World of YAWNcraft

My husband is on the whole quite adorable apart from one SMALL flaw, he is a little bit obsessed with the World of Warcraft computer game and raids 3 evenings a week, on those nights equipped with headphones I am lucky to get ANY attention. Perhaps I would have more luck if I was a night elf then he would notice me! Here he is in action:

He has been on World of Warcraft detox in the past but he keeps getting suckered back in! I guess its that type of game, they hook you in somehow. 

People may say if you can't beat him then join him but there is only so many times you can complete the same mundane quest like collect three eggs, deliver them to an angry goblin, then slay his pet dragon... you get the jist of the game! I have plenty of boring tasks around the house that might bring about more long term satisfaction! For example collect boys socks, find wash basket, wrestle feral cat to get him in for his dinner... Who needs a game!!! Although no-one gives me any gold when I finish my jobs!  Maybe I should go on strike.

Having said that I am currently hooked on the game Plants v's Zombies (something curiously satisfying about taking on a huge wave of zombies with your wits and a range of friendly happy looking plants!). So perhaps I shall go easy on my hubbie for the time being at least... 

It didn't last as later on I wrote a post about hating World of Warcraft he is now completely cold turkey though in 2017 but I am having an urge to try it again myself.  I better not give in to temptation though because I have a feeling both the boys AND hubbie would be playing the game and I would be left with all the housework and no decent conversation!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Breathe Easy

I was fortunate enough to win two products from the Naturally Cool Kids range, the Vapour stick and the Lip and cheek protector.  Even the small wins I am grateful for but then again I am addicted to entering competitions, I like seeing any type of win arrive just to confirm that lady luck hasn't left me.  Although only low value they were extremely useful in a house full of sniffles.  It saves me having to buy another tub of Vicks anyway.

My boys have been quite happy to let me apply the products as the happy packaging and the ease of application make it all an effortless process. As a mum I am happy to use them because being a natural skin care solution I am confident my son’s would not have a bad reaction to the products and it’s a huge bonus not having to dip my finger in a greasy vicks tub when I want to help them breathe more easily!  

My top tip is to put in on their feet at night then add socks and it really seems to help.  Also give them an extra pillow to help elevate them.  This time of year can be no fun, so I plan on wrapping up warm and using the extra time indoors to enter a few more competitions - next time I might have a more impressive win.  Who know's but it can't hurt to try.

As for the Naturally Cool win it couldn't have come with better timing at the start of the winter season and I can confidently say my son’s have settled to sleep better with a liberal covering of the vapour rub! And as any mum knows sleep is precious so I give this product a BIG thumbs up!  

But please next time can I win something BIGGER and more shiny!

Ben 10 Alien Crash Vehicle Review

Loved by Parents kindly sent me a Ben 10 Alien Crash Vehicle to review. My eldest quickly put it through its paces.  

This was our very first review so understandably my eldest was delighted to have a new toy to play with.

First impressions when he saw the box:

“It’s on the telly, super great, fantastic, really fun toy”

High praise indeed!

Out of the box we found it to be quite sturdy and lightweight, which pleased me no end as I am fed up of poorly made fiddly toys.  I was surprised that the Ben or Kevin to go inside the car was just a head of the character, so not playable on their own.  However he said “funny only a head” and quite liked it that way!

With some trial and error he managed to build the car on his own much to his satisfaction and it gave him great confidence.  

It is aged as a 4+ toy and I think that is pitched to their level well.  He really loved the crash action feature whereby when you drive the car into a hard surface it will fall apart dramatically.  Youngest aged 2 and a half was also a fan of this feature but he could not build the car himself.

I think this toy has a lot of playability; children have the enjoyment of building the car and then the fun of crashing it!  It retails at £12.99, which is as far as my sons and myself are concerned worth every penny.  But then again he is a HUGE Ben 10 fan.

We would score this toy 4/5

If you have Ben 10 fans do read some of my other posts Complete Rustbucket III review and Ben 10 Tactilien Figure Review if you want more inspiration when it comes to Ben 10 toys.

Pass the sick bucket please…

Our two boys do not travel well, most trips out require us to take a wardrobe worth of changes of clothes, a collection of various containers and more baby wipes than you can shake a stick at.  So as a result of this I have decided to face the problem head on and took advice off my many mummy friends to at least try and save the crick in my neck from turning around so much passing the bucket!

Armed with pressure point bands, TRAVELeeze chewy pastilles and boys attired in just t-shirts (one mum said keeping them cool will help!) we set off on our epic journey.  Journey there youngest was poorly twice, eldest was fine.  Journey back no sickness!  This might not seem like a great result but baring in mind youngest used to be sick just driving literally round the block overall we are quite pleased!  I think the journey there would have also been improved if the youngest had eaten less for breakfast!  Cereal, apple, toast, fruit hearts might have been abit of a stretch of the concept of a simple meal before travelling.

Would love to hear any other advice anyone can suggest to help.

UPDATE (September 2017)

we have also tried using Sea-Band products now and they seem to be doing the trick, that and age seems to play a part perhaps children outgrow it or at least handle it better, they know to look up out the window and focus on the horizon!  

So almost six years on (where did the time go, have I really been blogging that long?) we have just about cracked it.  Journeys are so much more pleasant not needing to stop every few minutes to empty the sick bowl.

As first posts go this one is pretty pants, but hindsight is a wonderful thing so if your starting a blog perhaps an introductory post might be better than diving straight into talking about travel sickness.