Friday, 6 January 2012

Fighting nits the glam girl way

Everyone is itching, those who have nits and those who just think they have them.

Everyone keeps mentioning the little pesky cretins so the automatic itch reflex kicks in regardless of whether you are currently infested or not.

On facebook, at the school, in the street, nits, who has them, who is not treating them correctly are the current hot topics of our rural community… (If you’re expecting something more highbrow you’re on the wrong blog!)

Today from a friend I learnt the most creative way to take nits down:

Step 1: Run Bath

Step 2: Pour large glass of wine

Step 3: Get into bath

Step 4: Find small child to massage feet

Step 5: Submerge hair under water for 40 minutes

Step 6: Enjoy massage and drinking wine through a straw

Step 7: Find great satisfaction knowing you drowned the buggers

Bet your itching now you have read this post…


  1. Best way ever - gonna do it even tho don't have the nits!

  2. I think I'll just check my hair later (even though I checked yesterday) The thought of lying in the bath for 40 minutes with a glass of wine sounds like bliss. Might lose the kids though - my book is very good at the moment :)

  3. ooooh I scratched while reading through that whole post. I'm still scratching now! I love the idea of being submerged and drinking wine through a straw :-))

  4. aaaaaaa this is ace glad to be helpful for once hahahaaha love this thanks xxxx