Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get Set Bake! Review

We were kindly sent a Chocolate Cupcake kit to review for Get Set Bake!.

I was slightly dubious when the box arrived and as gorgeous as it looked, I was surprised I needed to get so many ingredients myself, like butter, milk, cream cheese and an egg, especially as the kit costs £8 and only makes 6 cupcakes.

Well that all soon changed when we made them...

We had so much fun! The ingredients were clearly labelled and the instructions easy to follow.  This is so important when baking with children, as they want to grab, poke and throw everything around.  It has been one of my better experiences of cooking with them.

Once we had finished baking and decorating the smell, the size of each cupcake and the range of toppings (edible glitter, sugar shapes and little hearts) made it seem a quality product at a fair price suddenly.

So as much as I wanted to sulk at having to get extra ingredients in, I just could not; it really is worth it for a special occasion or a fun activity to do with the children.  But it’s almost criminal seeing the children lick off the icing and leave the cake, as they do with most cakes.  I think I cried a little inside. 

These are really really nice cakes and taste delicious with a moist sponge.  The only thing missing was someone to do my dishes afterwards!!!

We score these cakes 4/5

*Please ignore our ancient kitchen in the pictures, its so old I swear its almost retro!


  1. They look scrummy! Send some over, hehe! My little girl would love to have a go and those decorations look fab. :)  

  2. Oh and Retro is the new trendy! ;)  

  3. Oooo, they look very yummy! will have to try and find some to make with my little ones! x

  4. mine at the icing THEN the cake, but only if they are hungry enough

  5. Helen from the good life mum15 January 2012 at 22:27

    Gosh I have to say £8 for 6 cakes is a bit step for me but do we see the next Jamie Oliver in your kitchen

  6. They look HUGE!!!!!!

  7. Although they do look good, I agree £8 is alot, by the time you've bought all the other ingredients, you really only needed sugar,flour and chocolate to make your own from scratch!