Sunday, 29 January 2012

On the blog: Some tips

I have started receiving more and more emails asking for tips with regards to starting blogging, reviews and so forth.  It comes as quite a surprise as I am a relative novice myself being at it for a short nine weeks today!

Its lovely to hear from followers but time is sadly stretched in the Missing Sleep household, so I thought it would be helpful to create a tips post to steer you towards.

  1. Join love all blogs - here you can interact with other bloggers, make some new friends and if you have a spot of bloggers block you can have a look at the blog hops and memes to get some inspiration!
  1. If you’re a parenting blog definitely join Tots 100 it’s a bit like being back in school getting graded but it’s a great place to learn valuable tips and read interesting discussions like How important are comments to a blog?”
  1. If you want to start reviewing but have yet to build much of a follower base.  Join Mummy News  then keep an eye on their facebook page and forums when items come up for review.  Another place to try is the baby product-testing panel; you have to pay £5 a year for administration.  You can read the forums first and see if you think it is worth it.  I have given it a gamble as you get your £5 back if you do not receive products to that value in the year.
  1. Host a competition – buy some little prizes and try and encourage followers to your blog.  Make a facebook page, tweet away and slowly and steadily bring people to your blog (or comment away like a manic crazed busy beaver for the same result... hopefully!)
Good luck with your blogging journey, wherever it may take you!


  1. Helen from the good life mum29 January 2012 at 10:55

    What fab tips :) x

  2. Great tips - I can't believe you haven't been doing it all that long have a lovely blogging 'voice'

  3. Awww don't my head might pop! x

  4. ooooh a blogging voice, I love it!  Thank you :) x

  5. Thank you kind lady! :) x

  6. Thanks for the tips - have joined up to do some reviews as a starting point - it was good to have an experienced reviewer give some tips and starting points.