Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Organix Veg and Oat Bar Review

When my boys were younger our house was dominated with snacks from the Organix brand, the fruit bars being a firm favourite so I am intrigued that they have brought out a savoury version.

We were sent a pack of the Tomato and Carrot Veg and Oat bars to sample.  I wondered what kind of reaction these would have with my boys.  Youngest was fairly excited when he saw the box and tucked into one quite happily until I made the fatal error of asking him was that nice? Suddenly he was trying to pick out the orange bits he no longer liked…

At this quite defiant age, if I had not said anything he would still be munching away contentedly.  His friend who is seven months younger absolutely loved her bar.  We left the rest of the box for her, as she could not get enough of them.

I think these are a great snack for children aged over 12 months, I confess I had a nibble but it was not for me!  Still am pleased Organix are helping take away some of the stress faced by us parents attempting (and often struggling!) to ply our children with veggies.  These bars making the process much easier!

The Veg and Oat bars are currently available to buy from Tesco and in the near future from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Boots and Asda.  RRP £2.49.


  1. These sound good. will try them for my little boy! x

  2. These sound great! :) x

  3. Spud loves the fruit bars and I didn't know they did Veg ones so will look out for them on our next big shop :-)