Saturday, 21 January 2012

Roaming peacocks

Has just come back from a lovely play date.  Hubbie was on tender hooks when we were outside though as our friends have two peacocks that roam the grounds.  The thing that scares him most in the whole world for some reason is peacocks…

So the entire time he kept one eye on the horizon just in case one appeared out of nowhere and ruffled its feathers at him. It is quite entertaining to watch, at one point I said I thought I heard one coming and he darted back into the house.

Youngest collecting flowers for mummy:

My friends live in a gorgeous cottage, they served us delicious homemade soup, and I must admit I was very reluctant to leave.  It was the perfect play date, the six children played well together.  Apart from the small matter of hubbie’s raised blood pressure from intensive peacock watch, we passed a very pleasant four hours together.

At one point I asked, “Oh is that cabinet for your power tools?” Thinking how clever having somewhere to keep them locked safely from their curious toddler…

“No” came the reply “that’s for our guns”

Yikes lol!


  1. I remember when Sean was a little boy, about Josh or Ethan's age when his phobia began - mad! I didn't realise he was still scared ;)

  2. LOL at this - I know why Sean is scared of peacocks - he was attacked by one at Paulton's Park when he was small - never got over it!!

  3. My friend has a 'ding' in her car from where it was head butted by a peacock!!

  4. Cant believe he is scared of peacocks, lol! Did he see any? ;)