Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sakata Rice Crackers Review

Today we received a package of four variants of Sakata Crackers.  I was very eager to try these, but I must admit I was even more excited when they arrived with a USB stick with all the brand information included too. 

I felt like a secret agent with a mission briefing, I was very pleased that the package did not explode after I watched it though!  As that would have been a waste of some mighty fine crackers!

We opened all the packets (Sour Cream & Chive, Cheddar, Classic Barbecue and Plain) we received straight away (as a family you can tell we don’t practice restraint!).   The crackers were very crispy not like what we were expecting, but a very welcome change and perfect for coeliacs as they are gluten free. 

Seeing as I managed to use the USB (when hubbie told me where to put it of course!) I thought I would share this:

“Simply top with cream cheese and sliced vegetables or serve with a selection of dips such as Guacamole, hummus and salsa for delicious snacks that will keep your guests snack happy.”

I can imagine them tasting even more delicious like that.  As a family we were won over by the flavors, except possibly the barbecue one (which I found more herby than barbecue flavored), although youngest enjoyed ALL of them so much, I am highly dubious whether he will manage to eat some dinner… wish me luck!

Sakata Crackers are great for sharing; I would love to see them at children’s parties, as a change from the usual suspects.  Surely there are only so many Wotsits and Quavers one should eat in a lifetime!

If you’re trying to diet for the New Year, these crackers are the snack that might ease your January blues.  With only nine calories per cracker, it would be rude not to eat the whole packet ;)

Sakata Crackers are available now in Waitrose and Ocado in 100g trays for a RRP of £1.99.

We rate these crackers 4.5/5

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  1. Yummy, those look and sound absolutely divine! And I have to confess to loving me some Waitrose shopping so shall add some to my basket next time :) x

  2. These sound very yummy! May have to hunt some down myself :) x

  3. Only 9 calories per cracker - that's amazing!! Will be looking out for these - topped with some low fat philadelphia - lovely!

  4. sound great and make a change from plain crackers x

  5. These look great and I would not feel so guility at feeding them to my daughter as they only have 9 calories and cookies are are favorite at the moment a whopping 38 per one

  6. they sound fantastic shame they arent more widely stocked

  7. they sound fabby, will let my colleague at work know, as she's coeliac