Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I hate World of Warcraft

Hubbie being on the computer three nights a week playing World of Warcraft I can just about tolerate… but him wearing headphones and me being completely ignored, I cannot!

To test this I say things like “hubbie dearest I have booked you in for a snip reversal operation next month”, “hubbie I ran up a massive credit card bill booking me and the girls on a spa trip” and “hubbie I am leaving you for the milk man”…

Response nothing, NADA!

Laptop promptly slammed shut in disgust and I sulked off to bed…

I have expressed being disgruntled about World of Warcraft before on here but last night hubbie was definitely at his worst… “SSSsssshhh I am concentrating…” If he says that to me one more time I will personally ram the World of Warcraft box set down his throat!!!

If Blizzard ever gets in touch wanting reviews done you know where you can stick that email!


  1. LOL i played WOW for 5 years it is one of the most addictive games out there as there is always something to do some where to go and bosses to kill that need extreme focus, so i do know why your hubby is sucked in, at the worst i was putting in 80 hours a week to the game and that is really bad however i was a guild leader and spent loads of time talking to loads of people all over teh world so thats where my time went anyway noticing balance wasnt right  i had to stop playing it and it took a while ie months to stop thinking about the game and thankfully i havent found a game to replace it that is as addictive.  

    Having an ipad i now play order and chaos and although i love the freedom of playing the on the pad rather than being stuck on a computer O&C its like a mini wow but no way near as addictive. I used to be like you a gaming widow but if you cant beat them join them and played to and i have to say me and hubby had a really great time together it is a LOT of fun and beats watching the crap that is aired nightly on TV there is also a lot of women out there that play these sorts of games and i have made some great relationships through them. 

    By there way what Epix did your hubby get ; ) 

  2. lol I WAS a WoW addict myself and I'm sure my hubby can understand your frustration. And I can also completely understand why he has ignored everything you said, because in a raid, if you dont pay attention, you'll be yelled at for as long as the team is pissed off with you ;)

    I wouldnt say join him if you cant win, but try to use it as your wild card. Say if you want him to do something, or buy something, you can always throw out: You need to compensate me for ignoring me during your game. If hes not raiding, which is 4 days a week? Make him do some housework for you!

    Unfortunately I can't help you to remove his addiction, we grew out of it as we got bored with the repetition of the updates, but obviously he's still enjoying it very much hehe

    Good luck and use your power!

  3. J has serious ebay and camper addictions - I feel your pain!!

  4. games can be addicting but people do eventually get sick of them!

  5. I wish I had your faith! lol x

  6. He was getting yelled at more than usual on that raid, but I was just hoping he would hand over the mic to be the disgruntled wife can yell louder ;) He did make it up to be if you see my next post about hubbie and white flag offerings :) Thanks for the good luck! x

  7. I asked him hubbie and he said NO epics, just lecturing of me and all the raid members yelling at him for not concentrating lol!  I do love computer games, just ones I can come and go with not have to be so focused all the time! x

  8. Brittany Rogers11 July 2012 at 04:02

    I feel your pain!