Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Young Love

My youngest gave his friend his Valentines Card he made in playschool; all the other parents received the ones their children made, except my son’s lucky recipient who also happened to pick him.

At the ripe old age of 2, already mummy is falling out of favour.  I am under the impression relationships between mothers and daughters-in-law can often be fraught, so given I have two boys I best get skilled in being neutral and diplomatic. 

I just did not expect to be outdone by a 3-year-old… sobs into my tissue dramatically.  My little boy is growing up and is a toy boy already!

Tips to survive the future:

Supposedly I should avoid bad mouthing her mother, as it happens the mum of the 3 year old is quite lovely and am not averse to spending time in her company so least I pass hurdle number 1.

I should respect the 3 year olds friendship with my son and not run her down in front of him.  Given she has no obvious vices (I have not caught her smoking round the back of playschool) I again pass hurdle number 2.

Finally I should learn to share my boys and accept the friendships and relationships of the future, I will need a big heart and embrace what is thrown at us.  I hope I can be a tolerable mother-in-law when the time comes for it!  If not I plan to send amazing care packages wherever they live filled with cake and all manner of treats to swing it; I am not adverse to bribery!


  1. Oh dear! I've never thoguht about this. We have always been teasing my nephew as his best friend is a really cute girl. His dad has been teasing him every time he found an excuse to do so! For now I do think it's cute that little children have their boy friends or girl friends (Abby has been saying, so and so is my boy friend), but I dread the time when it become real!

  2. Ahh how cute! I hope you got a card! that is a lovely card - great colours xx

  3. They do don't they lol :) x

  4. Unfortunately I didn't even get a card, sob cry haha!  But I was spoilt the week before with flowers and cakes to make up for too much time on world of warcraft so I guess I should not complain! x

  5. I know its quite sweet now,  but in the future what if they can't stand us!  I think it will be so hard!!! x

  6. That's my girl :) I think I could stand you as a relative as long as you always save some cake for me xx

  7. haha will ensure cake love all around :) x