Saturday, 4 February 2012

ZaraMamaS Gourmet Popping Corn Review

We were sent the 6 Bag Gift box to review, looking it at first I thought surely we would not get much popcorn from that. 

We let the boys pick a colour each; made the first lot up and then quickly realised we could save the other colour for another day.  One little 90g bag makes LOADS!

Nothing like a house with the smell of fresh popcorn in the air, then settling down for a film with your warm popcorn, with butter or sugar to your own taste!  The whole experience of making it was mystifying for the boys too; they loved all the popping when the corn was hot enough.  We have only ever had shop bought ready-made popcorn but I think it would be very hard to go back to that after experiencing this.

Hubbie proclaims this is the favourite review we have done here.  So he must have enjoyed it!  Eldest has wolfed all the contents of his bowl too.  It really is an effortless and pretty affordable option to have quality popcorn.  The gift box can be purchased from their page for £6.75; hubbie says he would easily have paid £10 for it.  They even sell ZaraMama Popcorn seasoning in Maple Syrup and White Cheddar, which again makes the whole snacking experience more fun!

I think their popcorn would make a step up from giving the gentlemen in your life socks for Christmas.  My dad is a huge popcorn fan, so good to know about ZaraMama and their fantastic offerings.


  1. That's pretty surprising how that tiny packet of kernels makes so much popcorn.I love hearing the kernels pop in the microwave!

  2. My boys love making and eating popcorn :)
    I'm guessing that each packet is a different flavour?

  3. Yes slight variants, nutty, buttery, crunchy or bigger pops so quite good fun! :) x