Saturday, 3 March 2012

Do something yummy.... share cake

This post is part of the cake link up for to support Yummy Mummy Week 10th - 18th March.  Aside from my family cake is one of my biggest loves.  So I thought I would share the cake my brother made for his nephew to celebrate turning 3 last week.

This fab cake was loved by my son and his friends.  He had a jungle themed party, so it fitted in perfectly.  My son often roars like a lion, so I cannot think of a more apt cake for him!  He is a little wild bless him.


  1. fab cake. love the eyes! :) x

  2. That cake is awesome!!!! I love the little tongue hehe!

  3. Love it! How cool is that ? Very!!!!

    thank you for supporting and for sharing that epic cake!

  4. What an amazing cake! Looks fab.  :)