Monday, 2 April 2012

The Book Club Review

We were sent a fantastic selection of books to review from The Book Club.

The books were a huge success.  Eldest has been raving on about one of them The Mixed-Up Chameleon since it arrived.  He looks at it at least once a day laughing at the pictures. 

I think the reason the books they sent have been so popular is that The Book Club are used to tailoring book choice to child’s age and have got quite skilled at it!  You can sign up to their newsletter with their date of births and will receive a newsletter tailored to their age.  Being recommended the best books for your children at each stage of development really helps.  There are so many books available to buy, that I am grateful for some advice and suggestions.  They definitely got it right for my two!

We already had Aliens Love Underpants! so we gave that away on my missingsleep facebook page to share some book love around.  I had planned on giving away a couple more but The Book Club have chosen so well, my boys cannot bear to part with another book!

The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle is about a Chameleon who wants to be more, he wishes he had features of lots of other animals so he could be stronger, smart, and handsome and be able to swim.  In the end he turns into quite a muddle, the pictures are quite comical and eldest never fails to laugh at them.  The story ends with him realising its much better just to be yourself!  Which I think is a lovely message for our children, teaching them to appreciate who they are already.

Youngest enjoyed The Train Ride by June Crebbin a good book as it repeats itself, which helps children commit it to memory.  Also its nice to have a pleasant story of a nice train ride, not like some of the ones my poor boys have taken where we are hunting around for a seat, the train crammed to the brim and trying to manoeuvre around with the boys, a buggie and endless bags!!!  This book might help them look back with fonder memories…

Eddie’s Garden by Sarah Garland was another firm favourite of the selection, as my boys have started doing a little gardening in preparation of a sunflower competition with some blogging friends.  The best bit is at the end of a very entertaining read; there are facts on how to grow the plants from the story, which is a lovely inclusion and one which will further encourage your child’s interest in gardening.

But Martin! By June Counsel I thought was the best as it talks of the arrival of a Martian called Martin at a school.  It discusses how everyone is different, skin colour, hair colour, how much we know, what we like to do… I think its good the boys realise the diversity of people and accept that at a young age.

You can see for yourself what The Book Club has to offer your children.


  1. Helen from the good life mum3 April 2012 at 16:14

    Sophie is reading this with me and thinks your little one is reading the Eddie garden to her and is asking for the volume to be turned up lol

  2. haha at Sophie wanting the volume up! x