Friday, 27 April 2012

Carddies Review

We were sent a Carddies Sport set to review.
I had not heard of these before but they are great fun, a nice little box with pencils, characters to colour and then little stands to put them on to place them in the sports arena scene!  So meeting lots of children’s developmental needs (creativity, imagination, role play) in one small box at a relatively small price of £8.99.  Yet the contents of the little box is quite deceiving as you get plenty for your money as you can see from the picture:

Eldest enjoyed the colouring in.  You can colour both sides of the Carddies characters, which is good to keep children occupied for longer.  Eldest was slightly disappointed that a dog is on the front of box, but no dog character in the box.  “Where is the dog?” But the side of the box does show what characters are included and when I explained that he seemed quite happy again, especially as there is a little dog hidden in the crowd scene!

I think these sets would be very welcome at weddings.  Back when I got married I would have gladly bought these sets to keep the invited children occupied.  Instead I bought some magic markers but these would have been much more entertaining.  When they finished colouring, they then could play with the characters, which would have kept them occupied even longer than colouring alone!  Perfect for those speeches which might tend to drag on a little and the children start getting restless and the parents start to look slightly panic stricken!

Nice selection of sports characters represented, I am glad to see an athlete in a wheelchair too.  Good for children to see you can achieve in sport whatever your situation.

It comes as no surprise that Carddies received the Award for Best New Product for Children at Top Drawer 2012 and has also been short-listed for this year's forthcoming Junior Design Awards.  It really is a clever product and I am glad to see a toy that is British through and through.  They are designed, hand drawn, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

I think everyone should keep a few Carddies in their handbag to crack out in emergency childcare situations; they start screaming on the train, dive in your bag and get them back on track!  Am sure your fellow passengers will be pleased!  We have had people move away from us before when youngest went into his complete meltdown stage!!!

To find out more head over to Carddies website and purchase them from Amazon.


  1. Amazing photos and review...Will have to find your boy a spare dog from a  family set! (Family One and Two each have a dog and a cat; Cavemen set has a Cavecat and Cavedog which  perhaps has a touch of dinosaur). The dog in Sports set was a bit of fun...I liked the idea of him rushing to the podium from the crowd while they are giving out the medals...While I would have loved to have included him as a figure, a lot of people would complain that they had been cheated of a human figure! x and thanks from Carddies

  2. Awww it was my pleasure :)  How kind of you to say.  I really liked the sports set, it got us discussing the different sports and it has taught him things like javelin he did not know before!  Bit thumbs up from us :) x

  3. Oh oh ohhh I had seen these already and had them on my list to pack in the girls' holiday bags for the plane - do you really get that much in them - that was only thing holding me back...ohhh grt stuff!