Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday we had the mandatory Easter egg hunt; at the very least it is a workout of sorts before all the chocolate chomping starts.  Dashing around the house, turning it upside down in the hunt for edible delights is sure to burn a few calories!

Hubbie first got on to the phone with the Easter bunny, who then deployed one of his helpers to our house.  I kept the boys out of sight whilst the bunny and hubbie hid the eggs.  We do not buy extra eggs especially for our yearly hunt; we make do with the ones given by friends and family, which suffice more than adequately.

The only problem we had was the boys then wanted to meet the Easter bunny helper, so hubbie mentioned how busy he was and had hopped off to the next children’s house on his list.  I was impressed hubbie remembered to open and close the door dramatically so the boys would know the bunny had arrived and departed!  I would never think of these little details.

Here the boys are with their Easter bounty:

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  1. Yummy lucky boys what a lot of Chocolate they must have been very good boys for the Easter bunny to give them such a haul of chocolate.