Saturday, 28 April 2012

Heart Plait

Another in the infamous series of hair styling posts!

More chances for your girls to keep looking fabulous.

Firstly section the hair into three parts

Start by doing an inside out braid going from the middle of the head towards the face

Bring the braid around the back towards the neck


Do this on both sides and then tie together in an elastic band

This creates a heart shape

Taking the side pieces from the hair that's left start doing a normal plait all the way down

Once the plait is completed secure it with a bobble take it up and tuck it into the heart and secure with a clip, cover with hairspray


  1. Awww beautiful some tips on how to keep my lovelies still whilst I do it - Ruby will barely let me brush her hair ARGHGH ;o).

  2. Jaynelouisehill14 May 2012 at 23:07

    helllooo what done with my girls when they were younger was give them a dolls hairstyle head lol i would tell them to show me how they would like it whilst i was doin their hair but do it the way they want haha they cant see the back of their heads, xxx