Sunday, 22 April 2012

munchkin Teething Toys Review

I was sent a selection of teething toys to pass onto a friend who has a 17-month-old son who is currently teething like a trooper!  I can still remember those days when my two had teeth coming and it being awful for them.  So I think as parents we are grateful for anything that can bring them some comfort when they are red cheeked and drooling all over the place bless them!

The Twisty Teether Ball (RRP £3.59) and the Twisty Barbell Teether (RRP £3.59) especially were a huge hit!  He had lots of relief from them and soon forgot his discomfort as they were so much fun to play with.  Both were engaging toys with lots of textures and they also fitted well into his hand and mouth!

They are aged 6+ months so are exceptional value considering they will still be needed and treasured at 17 months plus and the fact your getting a toy and a teether in one for a bargain price!

The different textures help placate whatever the teething problem and the shaking, rattling fun can help distract them from any soreness.  If you do not provide them with something to soothe their aching gums babies and toddlers will happily go looking for something to solve the problem themselves and who knows what they will try and chomp on then!  Much better to offer them one of these non-toxic solutions instead, otherwise anything out of the toy box is game on!

The other two teethers (Fun Ice Chewy Teether and Fun Ice Ring Teether) were from 0+months so less appealing for my friend’s son as he wants more excitement these days.  But for a baby they are perfect, especially as they can be put into the fridge or even the freezer.  I did not know you could get teethers that could go into the freezer, so I can imagine these would be perfect for numbing sore gums straight out of there!  I found the ones from the fridge got warm too quickly so wish I had found these for my own boys.

You can read more about Munchkin products at the website and see a list of available stockists

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