Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My new fear

A fellow blogger and real life friend Really Rachel tagged me to post about something that spooks me.  Well I did not have to think for long as after my visit to Longleat I now have something that really scares me and it is being stuck in a maze. 

A maze where I think I will be trapped forever, with no hope of finding my way out!!!  Forget a clever mouse figuring it out for a lump of cheese, I was hopelessly going round and round like a headless chicken… until a poor man took pity on me (I think I did look slightly crazed at this point!) and said keep going left and you will get out again!

I followed his instructions and practically leaped with joy when I could escape the maze and return to ambling along my merry way!  Who would have thought our happy faces would change so quickly!  In this picture I look like I am enjoying my maze experience…

Yet my mood declined rapidly, until I was in quite a state of panic!  I was so desperate to find a way out I even took to sprinkling the boys’ sherbet on the floor to try and see which paths we had already taken!!!

Will I brave a maze again… not likely!


  1. I have had a maze phobia for ages now - it got to the point where I would even feel claustrophobic in those small kiddie mazes where it would be easy enough to just climb over the walls! My ultimate nightmare maze was one in Devon which was a mirror maze - couldn't even go into it!

  2. Helen from the good life mum5 April 2012 at 10:58

    As with birds and bread crumbs i can only imagine a group of sugar hungry children licking up the sherbet as you left a trail ha ha