Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Urban Meadow T-Shirt Review

Eldest was sent a groovy superhero rabbit t-shirt by The Urban Meadow.  Eldest is bunny mad so it really was the perfect choice for him.  I asked him how he wanted to model it and for some reason he decided to accessorise it with his toy snake.

Surprisingly he manages to make it work somehow!

The t-shirt was excellent quality, but lightweight so handy for when the warmer weather comes but you still want to cover up their arms and protect them from the sun.

What makes this t-shirt extra special is that on the back you get the design too with the bunny’s cloak flowing!  Most t-shirts you buy just have a design on the front, so I think it’s worth investing a little more so you can look trendy from all angles.

The RRP of £16 does not seem so bad when you also consider that the fabric is made of a very strong knit and this t-shirt will endure whatever your children throw at it!  It survived going to the farm today, lets just say the goats were keen to get hold of the bag of food he was brandishing and a few jumped up to get at it!

The organic cotton of the t-shirt was gentle against his skin; some of the cheaper synthetic materials can aggravate children’s delicate skin.  So he was quite comfortable whilst he attended to his superhero duties (bottle feeding lambs and fending off hungry rampaging goats!).

It is very rare that items of clothing are passed on in our house, even from eldest to youngest because we buy cheap and they rarely last long enough!  They get holes and they rip or the logo washes off too quickly.  But according to the labels on this Ideo item of clothing this is designed to be tough.  Perhaps its time to stop the false economy in our house and spend a little more, for longer lasting wear!

The Urban Meadow caters for children aged 0-11 with their fairtrade clothes.  Fashion with a conscience is their tagline, which is reassuring, as everyone seems to be putting a little bit more thought into their impact on the environment.  It’s nice you can look cool and still do your bit!


  1. It's definitely worth spending a bit more on some things. We have stuff that was a hand me down from cousins that goes on to all three of mine,but it just doesn't work with the cheap stuff