Thursday, 26 April 2012

Victory Tea Review

I was sent a lovely gift box with 16 Victory Tea bags to savour.  Tea is one of my favourite things; I could give up alcohol without a second thought but dropping my tea and cake habit would most likely never happen!  So I am very pleased to try out a new tea and see what it is about.

Hubbie and I have both sampled it and it does make a lovely cuppa.  The tea bags smell lovely; it does seem more like a premium product, not like the washed out tea smell of my normal brand of tea.  I just had another one now in an attempt to calm myself as I am feeling slightly lost with youngest in full time playschool today!  Nothing like a good cup of tea and something sweet to take the edge off it!

I have done some token cleaning but nothing like an indulgent put your feet up in peace for a moment (although believe it or not I am actually really missing the noise!) with a warm cup of tea in hand!  Especially with the cold May we are having here, a warm beverage is just what I need.

Victory Tea is quite clever because you can buy it in bulk!  You can head over to the website and even see for yourself how much you would save, with their clever cuppa calculator, if you’re a heavy tea drinker then this could definitely be a more economical way to buy your tea.

For £1.50 you can order your trial pack now and get a taste for it yourself or go crazy and get 1,600 for £30! 

Now put the kettle on and start planning a Jubilee Street party with lots of Victory Tea!


  1. The tea is nice isn't it! We really like them as well! x

  2. Nothing like a good old cuppa