Monday, 23 April 2012

Why does it have to be such a mouthful!

My eldest has gone dinosaur mad, but unlike books about general wildlife with a Lion or a Zebra I am struggling to pronounce the likes of Pachycephalosaurus, Archaeopteryx and Saurolophus.

I mean seriously… 

Supposedly dinosaurs were named after a part of them, where they were found or after a key person who discovered them!   As they tend to be Greek or Latin, it is going to be a struggle for me to articulate at the best of times but Tyrannosaurus rex means king of the tyrant lizard, surely king or little arms would have sufficed.

I am determined to discover something so I can give it a really large and exceptionally difficult name to revel some of those pesky dinosaurs!   Have big plans to invest in a viewing pot, field lens, a net and some rope.  Possibly some brown face paint and a straw hat to look less conspicuous!

Will also need supplies of cake and chocolate in case I get lost whilst exploring around the garden with my boys, except definitely not Kendal mint cake I would rather eat worms than that stuff sorry to any fans of it out there!

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