Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ace Trumps Review

My son was over the moon when he saw the package containing three packs of Ace Trumps.  We were sent the Prototypes, Farm Machines and Civil Aircraft additions.  I must admit I am impressed at the available range, with something to appeal to any child or adult.  With plenty of vehicles, dinosaurs, poisonous animals there is always another pack to add to your collection.

My son who is not yet five is learning so much with these, his grasp of numbers is improving all the time.  He does not even realise its officially “learning” to him he is having fun playing.  That is why they are so great, when I say lets do your learning books I get a huge sigh and his shoulders sink, but with these he is chomping at the bit to play again and again.  They are light and portable to take on holidays too or if your waiting for an appointment an emergency packet in your handbag can keep your child’s behaviour on track, otherwise they tend to want to run around the waiting room wildly looking for mischief and mayhem!

They are very affordable and would make great pocket money buys or even better you could work it into a reward chart and it could be the treat for good behaviour at the end of a successful week.  I know it would work very well with my Eldest, as he is desperate to add more to his growing collection.

Ace Trumps are available from all good retailers or for further information visit www.cartamundi.co.uk

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