Monday, 21 May 2012

Earn your walking stripes with Schleich during Walk to School Week!

To celebrate National Walk to School Week (21st – 26th May), Schleich is giving families an extra incentive to get active by offering the chance to win one of a hundred beautifully hand-painted zebra figures.

Research has found that only 50% of primary and 38% of secondary school pupils walk to school compared to a massive 92% of pensioners who said that they walked to school when they were children. With this in mind Schleich will support the National Walk to School Week campaign by getting children to ‘earn their walking stripes’ all week.

Zebras make the perfect mascots for the campaign, as not only are their distinctive stripes used on Zebra Crossings to keep kids safe, the animals are also keen walkers themselves, with their foals learning to walk just an hour after being born!

To help kids celebrate Walk to School Week, Schleich is offering the chance for them to earn their walking stripes. There are two ways to do this – either send in a picture of your child walking to school or click here to download and print off a Schleich Zebra colouring sheet and send it back us.

All children will receive a certificate and the first 100 entrants will receive a Schleich Zebra figure. A selection of our favourite images will also be displayed on our Walk to School Week wall.
Colouring entries to be sent to the following address before the 8th June

Schleich Walk to School Week
The Abbey Centre
Market Square
NN11 4XG

Photos of your child walking to school (along with your name, their name and age) should be sent to with the subject ‘Walk to School Week Entry’ before 1st June 2012.

My boys as a rule always walk to school so I shall have to add a picture as I know they would love a zebra!

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