Saturday, 12 May 2012

Family Frolics: Llama Trekking

We spent a lovely hour and a half acquainting ourselves to two friendly llama’s called Bertie and Chico at the Black Rock Llama Trekking centre.  It was nice having the boys out in the fresh air, walking about as normal but just with a llama or two tagging along for a welcome change.  Admiring the lush greenery in a remote quiet location.

It is quite a feat to get them to keep on walking.  They like stopping for a munch, chomp and a nibble on pretty much every tree, plant and grass within their reach.  So you have to gently coax them along, with regular “walk on” and clicking type noises.  Youngest was a master trekker by the end of it!!!

We had a little induction before starting the trek.  Llamas like being stroked on their neck and not on their face.  You also must be careful approaching them from behind as they might kick out if they did not realise you are there.

The boys loved cuddling them and their hair was especially soft.  We got quite muddy as the grass was damp but part of being an intrepid explorer is getting a little dirty!  Mummy also in her infinite wisdom forgot to pack the wellies…

The boys enjoyed discovering more about llamas and feeding them at the end.  We had to make sure they did not get startled otherwise they might also spit, which can be a smelly experience.  But these two were a lovely pair who were used to people and luckily we left spit free, just extremely muddy!

I am pleased my boys enjoyed a rather different experience but did not leave asking for a pet Llama.  I do not fancy walking one on our local beach every day!  But for an unusual way to pass the time I was happy to spend £10 an adult.

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  1. We have Alpaca on our holiday farm. I have to say they are not the most friendly of our farm animals but quite comical to watch! For walking animals on a lead I think we will stick to the goats! Looks like a great experience for a day out though, would love you to add this to my Country Kids linky, all about outdoor adventures with the kids, never had Llama walking on there before!

  2. What a great day out and the boys looked like they loved it. IT is so brilliant to be out in nature and with animals plus makes the kids sleep well later! Thanks for sharing on family frolics.

  3. Im always a little wary of Llamas after seeing them on a farm once and hubby getting rather aggresively spat at! These look quite cute though. Maybe it was just the look of my hubby........;) 

  4. Thank you for adding me in with your Family Frolics post. This expedition still makes me chuckle when I read it!

  5. Thats so funny! I would love to go for a walk with a Llama. What a unique experience for kids as well. <3 I'm a big fan of kids learning about our furry friends.