Friday, 11 May 2012

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Unique fathers day gifts like these are hard to come by.  I often find it harder picking presents for my dad than my mum.  I really have to wrack my brain to leave the liquorice allsorts, popcorn and socks format which is seriously starting to get old!   My dad might be pining for something new and exciting, plus before I start automatically buying the same sort of things for my husband off the boys I NEED to have a good look at what is available:

1. Ace Trumps Playing Cards, £3.99

Titles include Super Cars, Space Race, Trains and Dinosaurs. Each card features six characteristics to beat up your opponent and win the deck.

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Personally I find these card games dull as dishwater but I know for a fact hubbie and eldest can go on for hours happily playing them!  I purposely discretely pick the lowest stats after awhile just so I can lose and finish playing!  But this would be the perfect gift for my hubbie and would keep him out of mischief for ages… for a bargain price too!

2. CozyBot Desktop Smartphone Holder, £4.99

Android fans will love this cool green desktop smartphone holder. Works with all size handsets up to 7” tablets and allows any handset charging and one-handed calls.

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Hubbie has just fallen in love with smartphones but does panic about it getting scratched this cool robot stand would make sure its safe when he can finally bear to put it down and get off Angry Birds…

3. Combo Classic Toolbox Kit, £39.99

Children and dads will enjoy learning carpentry skills by making this sturdy, portable Classic Toolbox.

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It is nice for dad’s to spend some quality time making things with the children, after all it gives us some time to chill out so should be encouraged a lot!  Then kettle on, feet up and nose in a good book… whilst you occasionally nod and admire their handiwork!

4. Formula One Model Kit Gift Set, £34.99

Live life in the fast lane and build the race-winning Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes cars driven by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.  Available individually or as a Gift Set

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There is so much mileage in this activity hubbie is having lots of fun but taking ages to do it, as it is a very detailed set with lots of parts to paint and glue together.  It makes for a very committed project for father and son.

So I will just share a picture of hubbie looking ready to get to work!  He has built part of one car but as much as I would love to show you a picture of the finished car by the time it is complete Fathers Day may well have been and gone.  

The children were all excited but a bit too young to help in the end, youngest kept trying to eat the paintbrush and sniff the glue.  So I can see why it is aimed at much older children, for them it would be a wonderful experience building these with their dad.  Previous time spent together means children look back on their childhood fondly.

The kit comes with all the pieces, glue, paint and extensive instructions to make a lovely keepsake.  As hubbie keeps saying if I stopped nagging him to bake for me he would have made it already...

5. Remote Control Helicopters, £39.99

These ready-to-fly Prion and Petrel mini-helicopters feature 3-channel, 2.4 GHz remote control. Easy to fly with a great range, they’re ideal for beginners.

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Guys love flash transportation and given most of us will never own our own helicopter this is as close as it will ever get.  My hubbie loves remote controlled cars, so to add to his fleet would be another great present.

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  1. Caroline Parry11 May 2012 at 16:06

    DH already has the remote control helicopter - even made a little video about rescuing a toy animal with it :)