Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fudges Belgian Dark Chocolate Florentines Review

My naughty little habit is eating sweet things; I have also inherited the habit off my dad whereby I cannot have a cup of tea unless it is accompanied by a biscuit or a slice of cake.  I do not know if people can drink tea without a sugary snack, is it even possible?  I do know tea and a decent biscuit keep me calm when life with two hectic boys seems tough!  So it was with pleasure I got to review these from Fudges.

They retail at £3.35 but seem a high quality biscuit.  So worth a splurge when you feel you need to spoil yourself (frankly that is 24/7 as not having enough sleep or peace and quiet means if I want a nice biscuit I shall indulge!).  On the box it recommends chopping them up and adding to vanilla ice cream, this sounds pretty clever to me and mighty tasty.

Hubbie was interested to see they also did savoury snacks particularly Marmite Flatbreads.  I just sighed and referred him back to the biscuit section!  If you want your children to be extremely popular one way might to bribe parents with these delicious biscuit offerings to entice them back to your playdates again and again.  Although you might find they start dropping by too often if they know your biscuit cupboard is full…

I am drooling over the idea of the Lyle’s Syrup Flapjacks dipped in Belgian Chocolate.  Now we are talking!  It is hard writing the review after everything is finished off because now I am pining for a good biscuit and the cupboards are bare!  Hangs head sadly!

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