Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I Heart my Daddy Mug Review

Am quite pleased hubbie had an early fathers day present from the boys to review as it has saved us having to splash out on him (I am not feeling so generous now he is addicted to Diablo 3 and neglecting me!).  However as it was such a lovely mug and it came with a message off the boys with their names on, he is delighted, particularly as he had five tasty chocolates to munch on too!

Well it would have been five sweets but the boys and I swiped one each, so it depleted him to two tasty sweets, but he should just be grateful we saved him any!  The I Heart my Daddy Mug is a bargain for £8.99.  It really is the perfect fathers day present.  You could even eat all the chocolates and just wrap up the mug if you’re feeling particularly devious!

The Mug is washing well and the personalisation is clear and the quality flawless.  This is now hubbie’s mug of choice, which pleases the boys no end.  On the back of the mug you can write a message of up to 50 words so plenty of space to write whatever takes your fancy!  Hopefully something nice...

Fathers Day is on the 17th of June so not long now.  If you plan on ordering one of these mugs make sure you leave time for the personalisation (they do aim for a fast turnaround though, I was surprised by how quickly our mug arrived!).

find me a gift.co.uk really is your first stop for Fathers Day presents.


  1. Aww that's really sweet! And I'm laughing at your comment about splashing out less on him because of Diablo 3! At least at the moment he's still soloing so none of that raid moment yet. (I said yet as I heard some bosses need to be downed by a group, not looking forward to that!)