Sunday, 20 May 2012

jackson reece Wipes Review

We were sent a lovely selection of products to review. 

I say lovely, as the Nose Nuzzles could not have come at a better time, my poor eldest has really been in the wars, coughing and sneezing.  Under his nose was getting slightly red and tender so these helped being unscented and alcohol free to calm his poor skin, especially with soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile.  Natural saline really helps relieve stuff noses, perfect for colds or given the time of year pesky hay fever!

 aaaaahhhh chooo!

Jackson and Reece are the children of the mum and dad team who created these wipes.  Products are very family friendly and really address the needs of parents whose children have sensitive skin or eczema.  jackson reece use 99% naturally derived ingredients, have unscented or allergen free scented variants of wipes and are pH balanced all very reassuring for us parents.  jackson reece do stand out, being environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable products and not tested on animals is perfect for those individuals who are concerned about our planet.

I like that they are made in the United Kingdom as we need to hang on to everything we can make here to keep everyone in jobs!  I like supporting British made products.  Even though my boys are 3 and almost 5 wipes are still very handy.  The natural herbal baby wipes have been great for cleaning grubby hands, wiping a spill in an emergency and even removing make up on the odd occasion I decided to make an effort!  

I am quite selective in my wipe buying and usually stick to a familiar brand having tried a few wipe makes that were really wet, too wet to actually do a good job cleaning bottoms!  But these wipes are just right.  I would recommend them to any new mum, especially being so gentle and ideal for babies’ sensitive skin.

Nose Nuzzles (RRP of £2.49)Jackson Reece Scented or unscented Kinder by Nature Herbal wipes (RRP £2.29) containing a completely natural herbal blend of organic essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender and soothing, healing Aloe Vera and Natural Flushable Kinder by Nature wipes. (RRP £1.00).  The website has a handy list of stockists.


  1. put some in your bag for our next car trip ;)

  2. I  love these wipes and used them lots when my little boy was tiny. They smell soooo good! x