Saturday, 12 May 2012

Martha and the Bunny Brothers Review

We were sent this lovely hardback book featuring a lovely bunny sibling group.  I heart School sees Martha the eldest bunny preparing for her first day at school.  It’s a story of her getting ready in the morning, making sure she has a good breakfast, packs her school bag correctly, picks appropriate school clothes and adjusts her two little brothers to the idea of her being out of the house during the day.

It is a very colourful and entertaining read with lots to stimulate young minds!  My eldest is bunny mad anyway, so I knew this book would be just right for him.  But it’s also an ideal book to approach the subject of starting school.  Martha is desperate to feel settled I think that’s why she packs half the contents of her house in her school bag, she does not want to miss all her favourite belongings and her two brothers.  So it works as a method to start opening up discussion about how your child feels about starting school, do they have any concerns about their first day?

As it happens Martha has a fantastic first day and lots of fun but the bunny brothers are so pleased when she comes home from school.  It is encouraging that Martha loved school and came back with lots of exciting new things in her bag.  Which will help give our children more confidence that their first day will be a positive experience too, something to look forward to not be worried about.

Most of all for me it is helpful having books like this to read to my two to try and encourage a positive sibling relationship!  As often it’s like these two are at war, just squabbling and fighting.  Hopefully highlighting how close this bunny family are will rub off on my two.  The adorable bunnies cannot help but make you smile!

The hardback book is currently available to buy from Amazon for £8.35 (normally it has an RRP of £10.99 so a bargain!).  You can also follow the author Clara Vulliamy on twitter.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm especially pleased you responded to the positive sibling message - the series is as much about that as the main theme. 
    (Perhaps your own small bunnies would like to join The Happy Bunny Club? Just a bit of fun: I'll send you the details if you like!)