Monday, 28 May 2012

My fitness challenge

I am not overweight but I definitely could do with toning up. I have been finishing off the boys’ leftovers, eating far too much cake and chocolate to give me (very short term) energy boosts and not following a regular exercise routine in ages…

I did start Zumba classes but it was a difficult time for my mum to have the boys so the perfect solution for me is to try an exercise DVD.  I can do it in the comfort of my own home to my own timetable, so it slots in well with family life.  Money can be tight in our household as it is for many families so a DVD workout at home is a much cheaper solution than a gym membership or my much loved karate lessons, which I have sadly put on the back burner, as I would rather save the pennies for my boys activities.

I have been sent a Davina Ultimate Target DVD from MyFamilyClub to get me started and I look forward to following the routine twice weekly and reporting back on my progress.  If I so feel inclined I shall be working out in my pyjamas unlike having to get dressed up to workout with everyone else in the gym (where everyone looks far too glamorous to actually break into a sweat!).  Frankly by the end of the day my reserves are flagging and I am usually on my last legs looking slightly frazzled!
I would be very impressed if my stomach resembled anything like Davina’s at the end of the challenge.  But I shall be focusing on the tummy toning section anyway with vague hope.  My tummy is still a little wobbly after having had the boys.  Who knows if I breathe in deeply, maybe you will see some contours of muscles after the month is up!

Here I am starting out:

Feeling quietly optimistic (and yes my work out kit does feature flamingo PJ’s this evening and I notice I need dumb bells for the workout, being very well equipped here I will no doubt have to improvise with tins of baked beans! But I shall not let that thwart me!)

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