Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our Favourite Animals

My eldest is bunny mad so I asked him why...

Because they are so soft

Because they are fast runners

because they can dig underground and not die from lava.... (hmmm!)

My youngest loves lions so I asked him why...

Because they are cute

Because they drink water

Because they have medicine for a stomach ache

Because they draw with pens

Because they go in a car...

Wondering what nature programmes my two have been watching!


  1. Haha so funny and so cute - I love kids reasons for things. Littlelish asked if a butterfly had eaten the other half of the moon last week! Hope you are well. x

  2. This made me smile - I love the thought of lions drawing with pens & bunnies frantically digging their way to safety from volcanic lava!!

  3. how cute - from the mouth of babes etc.