Friday, 25 May 2012

Rowntree’s Fruit Bottles Review

We were sent a lovely cardboard milk crate filled with cute plastic bottles and hidden inside these were the tasty new Fruit Bottles from Rowntree’s.  The boys definitely were pleased with this delivery!  I was just as excited because it was presented so nicely.  

I love how the little bottles on the sweet packets look mischievous, with very expressive eyes.  Much like my two boys...

If you are partial to cola bottles, these are a much more flavoursome alternative and even contain 25% fruit juice.  They smell really fruity and taste just as nice, they come in five fine flavours.  The ingredients come as a slight surprise with nettle, carrot, spinach and pepper featuring, but honestly they are delicious and you would have no clue you were ingesting such a healthy combination!!!

Everyone here gave them big thumbs up!  Children always badger for sweets, it comes as second nature, but I would definitely be more inclined to give them sweets that has at least seen fruit in their lifetime… and they have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, another huge bonus!

The bottles will come in handy for storing art and crafts bit and bobs.  So very pleased with the whole Rowntree's experience!

The sweets when stretched even make great mono brows as youngest discovered!

Head over to the Rowntree’s facebook page as they have a great selection of unique retro prizes and sweets to be won.

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  1. ooh nettle flavour?! Thats a new one lol, sounds odd which means I must try......  ;)  x