Thursday, 31 May 2012

Spa Sensations Contour Pillow Review

I was sent one of these to review from Bedstar.  I had not heard of this company before but as I am usually desperately missing sleep anything that can make me more comfy when I do manage to get forty winks is always a big bonus!  For the times when the children are not falling out of bed, being restless, feeling poorly or having nightmares I can relax and recuperate for a short while in extreme comfort!

The Spa Sensations contour pillow comes in both a standard and large size, the standard is just smaller than a traditional pillow.  Hubbie is a pillow down and had hoped to have it for himself, but it was not big enough for his man head, my dainty lady head was fine thankfully.  So if you like big pillows the standard size is probably not for you.

The pillow effectively supports his head and neck and even relieves general aches and pains that busy days with children can bring (if you could see how often I carry my youngest on my shoulders you will realise how grave my need is for something gentle to support my neck come night time!).

I do like this pillow but it is priced higher than ones I have bought in the past, but for this it does go beyond the role of a traditional pillow.  For one it has ventilated foam so creates a cooling effect, this is great if your one of those people who is continually turning over their pillow to get the cooler side periodically through the night.  Seriously pack it in and let me sleep… (Hubbie take note!)

The premium quality and advanced orthopaedic design really does help you get a better night sleep.  As an asthmatic I like that this pillow is resistant to dust mites.  For me I can sleep more soundly knowing that I am not sharing my headspace with some creepy crawlies…

Anyone with children knows if they are sleeping there is nothing worse than being restless and unable to sleep yourself, because children might wake at any moment, its vital to catch up on some zzzzzzz straight away. 

I am pleased with my new pillow, I am glad its just the right size for ME!  Although youngest has started taking a liking to it…

Head over to the Bedstar website to see what else they have available.  I must admit I like their price match facility, whereby if you find the product cheaper elsewhere you can get the difference back AND a free gift.  Now that is good customer service!

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