Saturday, 5 May 2012

Walkers Sensations Nuts

I was sent the two of four tongue-tingling flavours.  My friend was chain-eating pistachio’s on our last swimming trip with the children, so I volunteered her as my official tester as I knew she would do these justice.

She thought the California Honey & Salt were delicious. The balance is perfect between the sweetness (not too sweet) and saltiness (not too salty). Also, the flavour does not detract from the taste of the peanut, just enhances it. 

“I think they will be finished in one go. I would say they would also go well with a drink”

So a great idea if you’re a lightweight like me and need something to soak up the alcohol!

The Chinese Szechuan Pepper variety had a lovely crispy shell flavoured with a well balanced blend of pepper, cumin and turmeric.  It has a warm spice flavour which complements the peanut inside without being hot enough to burn your mouth.

“I can't stop eating them, but I'll have to in a minute as they are nearly all gone”

So two great flavours which really got a welcome reception.  The press release says perfect for sharing but going on my friends performance I think they are even better to hog and eat in one sitting!!!

Walkers Sensations nuts are also available in Mexican Smoked Chilli and Tuscan Sun Ripened Tomato and Basil.  They retail for £1.99.  So as way to treat yourself its relatively inexpensive but if you like nuts you will love these!  Find them at any major supermarket.


  1. These look lovely, especially the honey & salt flavour. Will b looking out for these. x

  2. I like the sound  of the chilli ones too ;)