Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yes to Cucumbers Body Lotion Review

I have reviewed the lovely range of products from Yes to Cucumbers before so was quite excited to have an opportunity to try out the body lotion.  I had high hopes indeed and luckily it did not disappoint.

It smells with no surprise of cucumbers… which is quite a clean fresh smell.  It absorbed well into my skin and did not irritate it in anyway.  I do not think my skin is particularly sensitive anyway but if it were its nice to know this product is dermatologist tested and gentle.  As someone who realises half way through cleaning the bathroom that I should really be wearing rubber gloves when wiping away with my cleaning cloth I am quite pleased my hands are not sensitive souls but for those that do have sensitive skin, it can be difficult finding the right product which does not bring you out in hives.  This might just be it!

This product is great for warm sunny days (yes I do hope we will have more of them soon!) as cucumber is great for calming and cooling skin.  Packed full of heaps of skin nutrients you can rest assured even when your chain eating cakes your giving your skin a good diet!!!

Available to buy from Victoria Health for £9.99 and definitely worth a purchase with urgency!  If you want to have nice soft skin you need this product.

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