Friday, 29 June 2012

Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Barking Boogie Review

My son was so excited to receive the sequel to the first badger book.  When he came home from school and found it, he was all “YAY next badger book tonight!”

He now repeatedly asks if there is a third book as he is desperate for more badger adventures.  So the lovely talented authors need to get busy writing (they even kindly signed his copy, making his beloved book even more treasured!).

Tired after his swimming lesson so a nice bit of Badger then bed!

This story was another hit.  My son absolutely adores Badger the main character, but I think it’s the plot, which always leaves him wanting more.  It is definitely a page-turner for young children.

Again the book much like the first teaches valuable moral lessons, like the importance of accepting who you are and not pretending to me someone your not just to be well liked!  Even with a name like Dodgy Dave does not mean you cannot have a natural flair and love of the Cha-Cha.  Although we face more bullying from the dog gang, who find dancing “namby-pamby” and are quite cruel.

Also we have an exceptionally smelly dog in the shape of Cheryl, when Badger looks past the stink and really talks to her he realises she is quite lovely just a little pongy.  Badger sensitively approaches the subject and tries to help her out.

The language is very appealing to children, with lots to make them giggle like “birds with their low-flying poos” and “windy pops” from a hot Mexican fajita diet!

We learn that following our heart and weathering the storm eventually good things will happen.

Available to buy from the Badger online shop

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