Saturday, 23 June 2012

Baker Days Cake Review

We were sent one of these delicious cakes to review on our blog.  I love how they arrive packaged in a box, sat in a gorgeous tin, just the right size to fit in your letterbox.  

They would make a lovely treat for anyone, to celebrate a birthday, good news or just because… (After all cakes bring so much happiness, well for me and mine anyway!).

They cost from £14.99 for the letterbox cake (4-5 portions) or you can splurge and order a party cake for £26.99 (8-16 portions).  Given the fact the cake is so tasty, delivery is included, the tin reusable (my mum pinched it to store her card making materials) and you can personalise it, I think this is a very fair price for something a little different and beautifully decorated.

For us with friends and family spread across the UK it’s an ideal way to distribute a little joy.  It’s not like you can simply bake a cake yourself and pop it round, unless of course I was then willing to carry it on a train for six hours!!!  Which frankly as much as I love them all, I draw the line!  Much cheaper to send this instead and with the money saved on an epic train journey perhaps indulge myself in another one.

I was impressed how the cake arrived in perfect condition.  I loved the lemon taste of the jam on the sponge.  But there are plenty to choose from, if your recipient or yourself fancy something else, double chocolate chip cake especially sounds divine.  It’s reassuring to see a Gluten and Wheat free cake option, for those with special dietary needs (after all they deserve good cake just as much as me!).

The site is very user friendly, ample designs to inspire you and you can preview your cake once personalised to make sure its just right.  My favourite part of all is that you can upload your own picture or artwork to appear on the cake.  I know the boys grandparents would be touched and thrilled to receive a cake that featured something their beloved grandsons had created!

Head over to the website for more information and to design and order your own cake.